Past Winners

Award  Team Name Team Members
1st Place Fiesta Frog
Gerald Decelian, Benjamin Joseph, Dylan Hsu, Kyle McShane
2nd Place Craftistas
Camille Malkiewicz, Marissa Rehkopf, Troy Zellers, Marina Zarya
Fetner Prize in Sustainable Enterprise WaterPort
Chris Grant, Victoria Di Napoli, William Craine, Hunt Lau
Holtz Prize for Global Enterprise WaterPort
Chris Grant, Victoria Di Napoli, William Craine, Hunt Lau
Goldberg Prize for Technology & Innovation PsyQic
Keisuke Inoue, Bin Zhu, Laura Beachy, Gabrielle Gosselin
1st Place PiezoTouch, Inc.
Leena Chitnis
2nd Place Rylaxing, LLC
Ryan Dickerson, Stephen Fox, Michael Santaniello, Danielle Waugh, Case Wayne
3rd Place GraFighters
Dave Chenell, Eric Cleckner
Fetner Prize in Sustainable Enterprise PiezoTouch, Inc.
Leena Chitnis
1st Place
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Taylor Louie, Ray Williams
2nd Place DYNDEC
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Matthew Kelly, Joel Collier, Scott Annable, Dan Srbinovski
3rd Place Rylaxing, LLC
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Ryan Dickerson
Fetner Prize in Sustainable Enterprise EcoBaggeez
Tom Lyga and Beth Race
1st Place BSApp, Inc.
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Greg Ackerman, Peter King
2nd Place
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RJ Sherman, Pete Kistler, Trace Cohen, Evan Watson
3rd Place Food2Joules
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Amina Isakovic, Alanna Simpson, Preeth Muthusamy, Joon Choi, Lindsay Perez, Cheng-Mou Wu
1st Place Dream Water
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Vincent Porpiglia, Gregory Porpiglia, Michael Gursha
2nd Place (Tie) Light Innovations
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MC Mabele, Mohammad Haeri, Morteze Haeri
2nd Place (Tie) Some Where Out There
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John Cuyler, Matthew Malone, Graham Tuttle, Salvatore D’Ameilo
1st Place (Tie) Logmedia
Kevin Prince, Alison Pellingra, Emily Wasco, Evan Olesh, Janet Levine
1st Place (Tie) Zapdot Interactive, LLC
Michael Carriere
3rd Place Funk n’ Waffles Adam Gold, Kyle Corea, Andy Sick, Mary Stotler
1st Place Fresh Cut Florals Erica Fand, Shelley Kohan, Meghan Kohl, Lauren Kopach and Erin Wilson
2nd Place Spiral Software Systems Joshua Wein and Reuben Kerben
3rd Place Track-It Sharon Lai, Polar Humenn, David Grandinetti, Keith Costello, James L. Howison, Ryan Dick
1st Place TDX Gary Jaye
2nd Place SweetRack (Advanced Carrier Systems, LLC) Michael Defosse, Bruce Gowing, Steve Raymond
3rd Place Critical Communications, Inc Dr. Youngki Hwang, Stuart Card, Fred Tims, Michael Joseph, William Chappell, Larry Ames
1st Place One Click Video Matthew Dacey, Matthew Duffley
2nd Place Adam Peruta, Aprelle Watkins, Dave Camporelli
1st Place Hermes Justin Silverman, Emily Kulkus