Goodman Fellowship Certificate Program Requirements

The Goodman Leadership Center cultivates the leadership potential of Whitman undergraduates through a set of highly diverse and engaging leadership experiences. Named for Ken Goodman ’70 BS, former president and COO of Forest Labs, the Goodman Leadership Center provides opportunities for students to learn and practice essential leadership skills throughout their Whitman careers.

One of the Center’s core tenets is that leadership can be learned. The Goodman Center develops primary leadership skills and sharpens student career focus by providing instructive leadership experiences and opportunities to practice leadership skills.

Outstanding leadership students can achieve the distinction of being named a Goodman Leadership Fellow by fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Academic Achievement
    • Must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA to apply to the program and must maintain a 3.5 cum GPA throughout tenure
    • Must complete the LPP 467 ethics course and achieve an A grade
  2. Leadership Practicum
    Candidates must participate in one of the following activities:
    • Serve as an active officer in a Whitman or Syracuse University student organization
    • Serve as a Resident Advisor
    • Represent Whitman at a regional or national competition
    • Attend an approved leadership conference
  3. Philanthropy
    Each Goodman Fellow candidate participates in a community service project organized through the Goodman Leadership Center. From setting objectives to delivering results, candidates work together as a team. This project must be completed in addition to the Whitman undergraduate community service requirement.
  4. Ethics
    Complete a personal ethics and leadership self-evaluation with an action plan to address self-improvement areas. An ethical lens inventory will be used as a tool to guide values-driven decision making and behavior.
  5. Leader Speaker Series
    • Attend 3 leader speaker events in one academic year*
    • Conduct preparatory research and write a summary paper of learnings
    * Choose among the Salzberg, Whitman Day, Berman lectures, and a variety of approved Whitman guest speaker events that address leadership issues.