LOGTECH - MS in Supply Chain Management

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Various branches of the government have a growing need for individuals who understand and can develop, manage, and lead the complex integration of goods, services and distribution, in a variety of critical and tactical situations. Our Master of Science in Supply Chain Management prepares professionals for these challenging and rewarding positions. Our program provides:

  • A graduate-level curriculum designed to improve the knowledge and performance of military and civilian professionals involved in integrating or practicing in the field of logistics and supply chain management.
  • A broad course of study that includes classes in numerical decision processes, quality studies and managerial theory to prepare graduates for success in a multitude of fields throughout their careers.
  • Topic coverage that includes demand management, inventory control, risk sharing, supply chain planning, buyer-seller alliances, information flows, transportation, production management, and business-to-business marketing in a global setting, with an emphasis on information technology throughout the curriculum.

Our program provides graduates with a clear competitive advantage in the ability to strategically align critical supply chain support services with vital tactical objectives that meet Department of Defense goals and objectives.

We have been a leader in limited-residence distance learning for more than 30 years.  As well, Syracuse University established the nation's first supply chain management program in 1919, and has been continually regarded as one of the nation’s finest institutions in the education of professionals entering this dynamic field. Most recently the program has been ranked by US News & World Report (2012), Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2011), and Gartner (2011).


Our program is a mix of six residencies – three in person, three virtual – and a web-based course management system; you’ll have flexibility to organize your learning around your professional and personal lives.  This flexibility, combined with the academic advantages and prestige of our program, provides you with a seamless integration of supply chain management knowledge and leadership.


The 30-credit course features three management foundation courses, six supply chain management courses and a culminating experience to best prepare you for a transition into the global nature of supply chain management.


The program is divided into two (5-day) campus residencies, three (4-day) virtual residencies and one (7-day) international residency. Residencies begin the work for the semester with the exception of the last residency which concludes the program and where the graduation ceremony occurs.

Application Procedure

Participation in the LOGTECH iMS program is very competitive. Department of Defense military and civilian personnel nominations have to be submitted through your service representative. A DoD selection panel reviews all packets to determine who will be considered for admittance. Syracuse University has the final decision on who is actually accepted in the program.