The program is divided into two (5-day) campus residencies, three (4-day) virtual residencies and one (7-day) international residency. Residencies begin the work for the semester with the exception of the last residency which concludes the program and where the graduation ceremony occurs.

During a residency, students may take exams from the previous semester, classes for the upcoming semester. Classes are taught by the same faculty who teach in the full-time masters programs. Residency classes are similar to those in a traditional full time program but with more intense class time and concentrated material.

The Campus Residencies
Two residencies are offered on the SU campus: the first (in August) and the last (in May of the second year) in Syracuse, NY. Outside of residency class hours students spend time reading, working on assignments, attending professional development events, and networking with classmates and faculty.

The Virtual Residencies
The LOGTECH - MS in SCM consists of three virtual residencies offered in January of the first year and August and January of the second year. A virtual residency week begins on a Sunday and concludes on the following Wednesday. During the residency week, students may take exams from the previous semester, participate in threaded discussions and complete required assignments.

The International Residency
The international residency is a 7-day residency overseas. Students are introduced to the global logistics infrastructure in an intensive academic environment. Students typically take two courses in connection with the international residency and begin their culminating experience and applied project.