The Whitman Advantage Program

This program is exclusive partnerships with select U.S. Schools, and does not apply to traditional applicants.

4 + 1 MSA Program

The one year master's of accounting (MSA) degree in the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University is particularly well-suited to the needs of graduates with an undergraduate degree in accounting who have professional career goals for subject matter expertise. Whitman's MSA Advantage Program provides guidance to prospective students in selecting the equivalent prerequisite courses prior to completing their undergraduate degree programs. In this way, an individual can complete work for the one year MSA degree in the Whitman School in only one academic year (nine months) of additional study.

The 4 + 1 Plan offers the graduate an opportunity to plan his/her academic program carefully and take advantage of the total educational experience afforded by full-time study for the MSA degree with a minimum of additional expense and time. After five years of college study, the graduate will have obtained both an undergraduate degree from their undergraduate institution and an MSA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

Check with your department about how you can prepare yourself to be a part of the Whitman MSA Advantage Program, and what courses you can take to prepare for graduate study immediately following your undergraduate degree.


Admission to the MSA Advantage Program at the Whitman School is based upon the overall merits of one's application. If your institution is a participating member of the Whitman Advantage Program, and you have completed the specific foundation course requirements, you are eligible for guaranteed admission into the MSA program if you meet the below minimum admission standards:

  • GMAT score of 550 or better
  • 3.4 grade point average (last two academic years of study)
  • All foundation courses must be completed with a cumulative GPA of "B" or better prior to entering the Whitman program (check with your advisor to see what these particular classes are)
  • Completion of 24 semester hours of accounting

Return on Your Investment

Students who meet the admission standards and enroll in the MSA program will be reimbursed for their application fee and GMAT exam costs. In addition, a merit scholarship of at least $5,000 will be awarded.

Preparation for Whitman Advantage

Building on a knowledge base in undergraduate subjects, the one year MSA program consists of 30 semester hours of study at the graduate level. The core consists of seven advanced accounting courses each worth three credit hours:

  • Taxes and Business Strategy
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Strategic Cost Analysis
  • Advanced Auditing
  • Finance Elective
  • Quantitative Methods Elective
  • Economics Elective

The remaining nine hours (three courses) consist of three electives from among the graduate offerings of the Whitman School of Management. Therefore, the candidate has the opportunity to pursue advanced work in the above functional areas as well as specialized work in a variety of other areas.

Additional Resources

Participating Schools

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