Our MS in Entrepreneurship program consists of 30-credit hours, focusing on new venture, social or corporate career tracks giving you the skills and mindset necessary to succeed no matter the enterprise you professionally pursue.

Offering a foundation in business, along with entrepreneurial core and foundation electives, our curriculum provides total support and immersion in all things entrepreneurship.

Business Foundation (15 credit hours)

  • EEE 620 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3)
  • MBC 603 Creating Customer Value (1.5)
  • MBC 607 Understanding Financial Statements (1.5)
  • MBC 609 Accounting for Managerial Decisions (1.5)
  • MBC 610 Opportunity Recognition and Ideation (1.5)
  • MBC 618 Competitive Strategy (1.5)
  • MBC 627 Financial Markets & Institutions (1.5)
  • MBC 628 Fundamentals of Financial Management (1.5)
  • MBC 630 Behavior in Organizations (1.5)

Entrepreneurial Core (12 credit hours)

The EEE program offers a wide array of elective courses focusing on different aspects of Entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will be able to select from these courses to best prepare for their chosen careers, including in the new venture, social, and corporate entrepreneurship contexts. These career tracks and specific skills learned are further described here.

Entrepreneurship Field Experience (3 credit hours)

The Entrepreneurship Field Experience will consist of preparing a professional business plan for an original business idea. The business plan needs to be for a scalable business that clearly demonstrates market feasibility. This may be in the new venture, social or corporate entrepreneurship contexts. This experience will also include a formal pitch to an investor at the end of the semester.

Total Immersion and Support

Students in the MS in Entrepreneurship program are afforded numerous learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Opportunities include the Panasci Business Plan Competition, the South Side Innovation Center, the Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) initiative, the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities and other veteran and military family related programs, or many of the other projects run by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises and the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship. In addition, there are a number of courses that involve working with local entrepreneurial firms, such as the D'Aniello Entrepreneurial Internship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Enterprise Consulting. Students may also be provided space within the Couri Hatchery or the South Side Innovation Center to run their ventures. Furthermore, students will have access to the Syracuse University cross-campus entrepreneurial network and other university resources.