Business Analytics

The business analytics specialization prepares students for an analytical career in the fields of accounting, finance, marketing and supply chain management through techniques in data collection, data visualization, statistical and pattern analysis, and data mining. Business analytics experts rely on pattern analysis in data to develop marketing and pricing strategies, detect accounting fraud, optimize supply chain operations and minimize risk while optimizing profit in financial portfolios. You will gain experience in the use of hands-on tools for analysis and the development of data-driven business strategies. Business analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of opportunity for MBA students.


SCM 651 Business Analytics

Additional Courses:
Applied Analytics (select one of the following):
ACC 652 Accounting Analytics
MAR 653 Marketing Analytics
FIN 654 Financial Analytics
SCM 702 Principles of Management Science

Analytics Depth (select one of the following or an
additional Applied Analytics course):
MAS 766 Linear Statistical Models
MAS 777 Time Series Modeling and Analysis
MAR 655 Customer Relationship Management with
IST 687 Applied Data Science
IST 718 Advanced Data Analytics
IST 777 Statistical Methods in Information Science
and Technology
IST 565 Data Mining
IST 657 Basics of Information Retrieval Systems
IST 719 Information Visualization
IST 722 Data Warehouse
IST 776 Research Methods in Information Science and
CSE 581 Introduction to Database Management
CIS 600 Applied Data Mining
CSE 787 Analytical Data Mining
MFE 629 Modeling and Optimization Techniques
IOR 678 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments