The iMBA Advantage

At the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, we understand the changing dynamics of the global marketplace.  That teaching a thoughtful understanding of business and management theory means molding successful leaders to navigate with a global perspective, to practice the particulars of global business firsthand and to develop advanced analytical, strategic, and leadership skills to succeed anywhere in the world. 

Holding our first international residency in 1999, our online iMBA program combines the flexibility of online learning with a collaborative community and a curriculum integrated with a global perspective.  Our limited-residency program brings together our regular faculty with a diverse group of your matriculated colleagues at the beginning of each semester to enhance the value of your online learning.  This unique format helps you become sophisticated about key world economies and participate in discussions that help you rethink your business and add immediate value to your organization. 

With a history of innovation and leadership, the Whitman iMBA continues to innovate and provide working professionals like yourself the opportunity to make your mark and advance your career.

International Residencies 

The Whitman School is a pioneer in crafting meaningful international group study experiences for credit. Over the last ten years students in the iMBA program have traveled and studied together in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, South Africa, South Korea, China, United Arab Emirates, and Bermuda.

Study abroad is most often associated with a well-rounded undergraduate experience. Few international learning opportunities exist for graduate students, especially those who are working professionals. To serve the needs of the iMBA students, we have perfected a model of international group study that takes place in one week’s time.


Participating in business school competitions enriches the learning experience and enhances the reputation of the Whitman School in a tangible way. iMBA students are annually invited to represent the school in intramural, national, and international competitions.

Special Events

Each year brings a variety of opportunities for iMBA students to add something special to their learning experience, including off-site classes, plant tours, and group trips.

New York City
Syracuse University’s permanent location in the heart of midtown Manhattan--Lubin House--provides an excellent base camp for several programs. An annual finance course in value and distress investing provides invaluable guest lectures by the Whitman School’s benefactor. The location on the corner of Madison Avenue also prompted a new course in marketing retail strategy.

Washington, DC
Our nation’s capital is the site of another permanent location for Syracuse University. The site has been the host of an iMBA course on business and government relations featuring a full slate of guest speakers from both the public and private sectors.

Plant Tours
The Operations Management course has taken advantage of the manufacturing legacy of upstate New York to showcase world class facilities of Anheuser-Busch, the Marietta Corporation, and Welch Allyn. Plant tours are also an integral part of a typical international group study tour.

Group Trips
iMBA students have participated in a closing ceremony at the NASDAQ stock exchange as well as a full-day visit with Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.