Program Overview

Since 1977, our iMBA program has combined the flexibility of distance learning with a collaborative community. The program – with one week residences on-campus and abroad – brings together our world-class faculty with a diverse group of your colleagues that sets the stage for superior value in your ongoing online learning. This unique format helps you assimilate to key world economies and participate in discussions that make you rethink your business and add immediate value to your organization.

Residencies - about Syracuse, NY

The residency week is the official kick-off each term of your iMBA experience each term and are offered on the SU campus in January, May and August. During this time, students take exams and classes taught by the same faculty who teach in the full-time MBA program. Our residency classes are similar to those in our traditional program, but with more intense class time and concentrated material. Outside of residency class hours, you spend time working on assignments, attending career management activities, and networking with your classmates and faculty.

Web-based weeks

The time between residencies is the heart of your iMBA experience. Our program utilizes BlackBoard technology – an online collaboration tool for students and faculty to easily maintain contact and share information – for course management and communications. Between residencies, students complete assignments and prepare for upcoming exams. Final exams are proctored and are taken on-campus on the first day of the following residency.

International Residencies

Additional optional residencies are offered abroad, offering unparalleled opportunities for a study abroad experience in a professional, intensive setting. Students typically take one or two courses in connection with the international residency. It is possible to participate in multiple international residencies during a student’s enrollment in the iMBA program. Past sites have included Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Dublin, Florence, Istanbul, London, Santigo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Strasbourg.