Lubin School of Accounting / MIS


Specialization Areas


      • taxation
      • auditing
      • use of financial information


      • management of IT investments and IT risk
      • economics of software development and software maintenance
      • system analysis and design

Accounting / MIS Faculty & PhD Directory

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Information on Recent Graduate Placement


Binghamton University (Shi, Linna)
Providence College (Keane, Matthew)
DePaul University (Reddic, Willie)
University of Massachusetts Lowell (Suh, Sang-Hyun)
University of Massachusetts Boston (Xu, Xiaolu)
Oregon State University (Huang, Huichi)


National University of Singapore (Xu, Yunjie)
University of Texas at Huston (Appari, Ajit)
Canisius College (Goldstein, James)