Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

Goals and Objectives of the PhD in Entrepreneurship

The goal of the PhD program in entrepreneurship at the Whitman School of Management is to produce leading scholars and teachers in the rapidly growing field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is represented as a core element in the mission statement of the Whitman School of Management, and as such we are one of only a handful of schools with an academic department devoted solely to entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship program is nationally ranked as one of the most outstanding in the nation and is home to some of the most accomplished scholars and teachers in the field.

Doctoral study represents a challenging endeavor that requires an inquisitive and analytical personality, as well as individual dedication and perseverance. To succeed as a doctoral student requires commitment to developing one's intellect and judgment, a desire to improve knowledge and understanding, and a willingness to actively engage in the developmental process of having one's ideas and research critiqued through a peer-review process. Doctoral students play a significant role in their own learning and development, and therefore must be self-directed and highly motivated. Each doctoral student admitted to the program at the Whitman School will be personally supervised and directed by a senior faculty member.

For more information, view the Entrepreneurship PhD Student Handbook.pdf

Recruiting for PhD candidates in Entrepreneurship