The goal of our program is to develop both research and teaching skills, preparing you for a successful academic career. Under the guidance of nationally and internationally recognized faculty, you’ll explore the foundations of strategic management, organizational behavior, and organizational theory. You are expected to conduct rigorous research publishable in the most esteemed journals of the field. You are expected to produce a publishable research paper by the end of their second year of study.

Accepted candidates are to complete their studies within four years and pursue your academic careers in other academic institutions. While research is the most critical component of the doctoral studies in finding academic positions and a further successful career, you are also trained and prepared for the teaching duty at your new institution. You can expect the following during their time at Whitman:

  • Tuition waiver during four years.
  • A competitive annual stipend to cover living expenses.
  • An opportunity to do research with visible scholars.
  • An experience in teaching fundamental courses in management in order to prepare for an academic position.

Program Requirements

Our program is comprised of major field coursework, supporting field coursework, and research methodology courses. You begin a summer research project after the first year – specifying an interest in Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, or Organizational Theory, your application essay should reflect this.

Major Field

You will take the following four seminar courses. Additional advanced graduate courses may be required, depending on your background.

  • SHR 855 - Organization and Management
  • SHR 855 - Strategic Management
  • SHR 855 - Organizational Theory
  • A second advanced course in one's major area (typically Strategic Management or Organizational Behavior)

Supporting Field

A minimum of nine credit hours of PhD level coursework in a related supporting field is required. Recent graduates, with the consent and advice of their advisors, have crafted minors in supporting disciplines such as economics, accounting, sociology, and social psychology.

Research Methods

A minimum of 12 credit hours of advanced graduate level research methods courses must be completed. These will be determined in consultation with the major advisor, but typically includes BUA 990 Research Methods (3 credits).

Summer Research Projects

You begin a six credit hour summer research project during the summer following your first year in the program, and complete it by the end of the second year. The project is directed by a faculty mentor, with the aim of producing a paper of publishable quality. The final project is evaluated by the faculty mentor and one other faculty member in the major area and is an essential milestone.

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