Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

The major theme of the Whitman School is entrepreneurial management. Entrepreneurial management is defined as the ability to envision and create new business ventures whether in a startup situation or within a mature organization; the ability to identify new opportunities; and the ability to grow and renew an existing business in a healthy and productive manner. The skills and competencies of 21st-century managers are very different from previous managerial requirements. Entrepreneurs are transforming the way we live and how we conduct business. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers must deal with numerous challenges and opportunities including managing proficiently in rapidly growing global markets. These exciting challenges require new ways of thinking, creating, and managing. They also require personal courage and risk-taking.

Our EEE program is designed to link educational excellence and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Students frequently benefit from the expertise of local and national leaders in the field.

Whitman’s undergraduate EEE program is designed to examine and enhance the connection between educational excellence and entrepreneurship ingenuity, offering specialized tracks and coursework in new venture creation, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and family business. Graduates are well suited for opportunities in a variety of settings, from both small and large organizations requiring entrepreneurial skills to new venture creation and management.