Today’s international marketplace is one of turbulent shifts that can significantly impact the financial strategies of businesses of all sizes across every industry. The study and understanding of finance is an integral component of decision making in all areas and levels of management. The complexity of modern finance requires analysts to be forward thinking with a global business perspective. The need for finance professionals is rapidly rising. Employment of analysts is expected to grow 23 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations (Financial Analyst Job Outlook, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). A career in finance entails predictions, challenges and uncertainty. Whether working on Wall Street or for a multinational company in Shanghai, the profession offers opportunities that can be both intellectually and professionally rewarding.

Choices in Courses and Careers 
Our undergraduate finance program provides you with an overall understanding of business operations paired with a strong background in economics on both the micro and macro levels. Along with a theoretical background, our students are well equipped with advanced computer skills, an expertise in mathematics and a strong understanding of world affairs. Our comprehensive, timely curriculum includes course offerings in management, investments, the security market, international finance, distress investing, portfolio management, financial engineering and financial institutions. Our students move on to work as full-service brokers, investment bankers, discount brokers, asset managers, traders and financial advisors.

Real-World Readiness
The Whitman academic experience is enriched by the availability of the same technology and tools used by seasoned financial professionals. Whitman's Ballentine Investment Institute offers a state-of-the-art trading room where you’ll have personal access to current market data, live news feeds, software for analysis and other resources used by professionals in the field, including Bloomberg terminals. These resources, coupled with required internships, field trips and opportunities to engage with leading companies and accomplished alumni in nearby New York City, will give you a decided edge over your peers in the marketplace.

Clubs and Connections
Whitman offers many clubs and student groups to enhance the finance major experience. Among them are the Financial Management Association, the Financial Planning Club, the Student Investment Club and our $3.8 million student-run Orange Value Fund. Participation in the programming and events of these organizations will expand your base of knowledge and introduce you to additional resources. A myriad of networking and learning opportunities, such as our Finance Forum, Whitman on Wall Street trip to New York City, various speakers and panel discussions, are exponentially valuable both in preparing you for the responsibilities of a career in finance and in making career connections.

Primed for Placement 
The many opportunities to gain hands-on experience and expert perspectives, combined with comprehensive and timely coursework, help to build compelling resumes. Whitman’s dedicated Career Center team provides a full spectrum of preparation and placement services to support you as you go before potential employers. Whitman’s finance graduates are consistently pursued by leading financial organizations including Citigroup, General ElectricJPMorgan Chase & Co., Manning & NapierMorgan Stanley and Raymond James & Associates.