In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, business managers must think strategically while successfully adapting to new business practices to stay ahead of the competition. They must be technology savvy with the knowledge and confidence to create a cohesive, responsive and efficient team. Specialized skills and a solid grasp of complex business concepts are needed to manage people and organizations. If you are interested in becoming a manager, honing your natural leadership skills, learning how to adapt within fluid environments and developing strategies for solving multi-faceted business challenges, the Whitman management major may be right for you.

Choices in Courses and Careers
Our management curriculum combines human resources and organizational behavior, strategic management and legal courses to develop the knowledge and skills you will need to analyze processes and manage people within any company. We prepare you for success in professional positions that involve both macro- and micro-organizational systems. The management preparation received at Whitman is especially advantageous for those students who join leadership development or management-training programs at multinational corporations, non-profit entities or the professional consulting firms that serve these global organizations.

Real-World Readiness
The Whitman management program offers many avenues for you to test your knowledge and skills in real-life situations such as industry internships, industry speakers and career exploration trips. There are a myriad of opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills throughout your educational experience. Faculty and staff will guide you to more effective and productive early career readiness through focus on preparation, practice and ethical awareness. The Management Department Advisory Board has members from Accenture, Apple, EMC, FedEx, Goldman Sachs and Panera Bread who are willing to mentor and network with our management majors.

The Center for Ethics and Leadership at Whitman was developed to instill a passion and understanding for best practices in business ethics and excellence in leadership. The Center's annual Ethics Week provides for discussion on the important topics of ethics and leadership in today’s society.

Clubs and Connections
Whitman’s many clubs, such as the Consulting Club and Whitman Women in Business, expand your base of knowledge and introduce you to additional resources through programming and events. A myriad of networking and learning opportunities, such as speakers and panel discussions, are valuable both in preparing you for the responsibilities of a career in management and in making career connections. We are currently developing a Management Majors club to support the major and new students as they enter this exciting course of study.

Primed for Placement
The many opportunities to gain hands-on experience and expert perspectives, combined with comprehensive and timely coursework, helps to build compelling resumes. Whitman’s dedicated Career Center team provides a full spectrum of preparation and placement services to support you as you go before potential employers. Whitman’s management majors secure promising positions at companies such as Accenture, CBS, Dick’s Sporting GoodsFactSetGeneral Electric and Zenith Optimedia. These leading brands look to Whitman for their company’s next great business leaders.

Management Advisory Board

Accomplished industry professionals share their time and experienced perspective as members of the Advisory Board to help enhance the program and its offerings.

Stephen Bell ’09 MBA | FedEx Express
Michael Blackshear ’91 | ACE USA
Scott Davis | Panera Bread
Steven Granat ’83 | EMC Corporation
Art Grant | Cadaret Grant
Britta Riede Harrison ’02 MBA | Accenture Technology Consulting
Kristopher Scholl ’08 MBA | Deschutes Brewery
Jason Singer ’99 | Goldman Sachs
Manita Singh ’09 MBA | Apple Inc.