Marketing Management

Today, marketing is fast paced with more communications mediums and fewer geographic boundaries than ever before. It is a growing industry with an overall employment rate expected to outpace the national average by 18 to 26 percent through 2014 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). A successful marketing career requires strategic thinking and sound analytical capabilities—both quantitative and qualitative—as well as strong interpersonal and communications skills to understand and react to the demands of the customer. Our program is designed for you to encounter all the basic challenges in the industry: how a company decides what to sell, the customers and markets to target, and the best means of reaching them. If you are intrigued by the factors that impact consumer behavior and what mediums and messages influence buying decisions across industries, the marketing management major may be for you.

Choices in Courses and Careers
Our marketing management curriculum prepares you for a lifetime career in marketing by teaching the enduring principles and exposing you to emerging trends impacting markets. In many courses, you will work in project teams— just as professionals do—to create strategies for product development, pricing, promotion and distribution. You will learn to respond to the realities of competitors, the government and larger social issues. Beginning your Whitman coursework early gives you the option to earn a minor, a double major and/or dual interdisciplinary major within your four years of study. The marketing management major can be successfully paired with almost every major in the school. The retail management and supply chain management majors are commonly combined with marketing management, and a number of marketing undergraduates pursue a dual degree with Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Real-World Readiness
Your Whitman undergraduate experiences—and the appeal of your resume—will be significantly enhanced by participation in practical learning opportunities. These include multiple internships at major companies across the globe, various sales and business case competitions, shadowing seasoned marketing professionals, interaction with accomplished presenters and panelists and the Goldberg Marketing Career Exploration Trip to prominent New York City firms in a variety of industries to learn how companies use marketing in different ways.

Clubs, Centers and Connections
Whitman’s many clubs, such as the American Marketing Association Student Chapter, expand your base of knowledge and introduce you to additional resources through programming and events. A myriad of networking and learning opportunities, such as sales competitions, speakers and experts, are valuable both in preparing you for the responsibilities of a career in marketing and in making career connections.

Primed for Placement
There are many opportunities to gain hands-on experience and to interact with accomplished practitioners and alumni who provide expert perspectives and coaching. By combining these opportunities with comprehensive and timely coursework, you will build the knowledge and skills that lead to a compelling resume and future career paths that you might not have envisioned. Whitman’s dedicated Career Center team will provide a full spectrum of preparation and placement services to support you as you go before potential employers. Whitman’s marketing management majors secure promising entry-level positions in product management, market analysis and sales at companies such as AT&TGEICO, IBMNBCUniversalNews America Marketing, Pepsico and The Hershey Company. These leading brands look to Whitman for their company’s next great marketing minds.