Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to visit the Whitman school, how do I set that up?

To schedule a personalized visit contact Carol Heil at (315) 443-9222 or, or stop by the Joseph I. Lubin Visitors Center when you're on campus. Syracuse University also holds programs for admitted and prospective students. Click here for more information.

What is the Whitman undergraduate class profile?

Our undergraduate class profile is updated annually.

Where does Whitman rank against similar programs?

Whitman is ranked 43rd by US News & World Report, and #55 by Bloomberg Business Week.

What are typical class sizes?

The average class size in the Whitman School ranges from 35-50.

Are faculty available for questions and help?

At Whitman you are taught by faculty and they are accessible and helpful to our students. All Whitman faculty offices are on the 5th and 6th floors of the Whitman building.

Who helps Whitman students obtain internships and with their job search?

Whitman students are required to complete at least one internship, many will do two or three. The Whitman School has a Career Center which provides students with resources to help them with their career planning. For more information, visit the Whitman Career Center.

What business classes will I take my first two years at Whitman?

During freshman year at Whitman, students will generally take two business classes, Perspectives of Business and Management (SOM 122) and Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACC 151). In Sophomore year, you will take seven business classes; view a checklist of required courses and a general guideline for when to take these courses

How and when do I register for my first semester classes?

You will receive information from the Whitman School about your first semester registration, with complete instructions, and who to contact for assistance. Whitman School Academic Advisors will work with you during your years at Whitman to help you plan what you need and want to accomplish.

What Study Abroad opportunities are available?

We encourage Whitman students to study abroad at either one of SU's centers or through the World Partners Program. For more information, visit

Can I pursue two majors?

The large majority of students at Whitman have double majors, triple majors, dual majors (a major in Whitman and one in another school/college such as Newhouse), and minors. For more information about our double majors please visit dual major or call the Undergraduate Office at (315) 443-2361.

What is a dual major? What dual degrees are available?

The Whitman school offers the chance to earn a dual major, which allows students to pursue two programs of study in different schools at the same time. The Whitman School offers dual programs with the School of Information Studies and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Other Dual programs may be completed as well. For more information about our dual majors please visit dual major or call the Undergraduate Office at (315) 443-2361.

Does the Whitman School provide financial aid?

All financial aid, (need-based and merit-based) is awarded through Syracuse University's Office of Financial Aid. You can contact them at (315) 443-1513 or visit their website at