Endure and Grow

V-WISE Photo/Video Gallery

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges in the marketplace based in balancing family and personal life, with business life. These challenges are compounded for women veterans, many of whom have been isolated from the ‘mainstream’ of the business community as a consequence of their military service.

We are proud to share Citi's video salute to Veteran Women Igniting The Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) and our Seattle grad Leah Olszewski of FEMTAC! A generous supporter of ‪#‎VWISEDC‬, Citi recently funded our Washington D.C. conference and 2015 Citi Salutes: Realize Your Dream Business Competition. The IVMF is honored to partner with this outstanding organization in support of women veterans like Leah, who are bold enough to make it happen and show us all what it means to realize your dream!

San Antonio - August 2016

Charlotte, NC - January 2016

Kansas City, KS - November 2015

Boston, MA - August 2015

Washington, DC - May 2015

New Orleans - January 2015

National Conference - October 2014

New York City - January 2014

Long Beach - January 2014

Denver - November 2013

Seattle - August 2013

Chicago - May 2013

Jacksonville - January 2013

San Diego - August 2012

Orlando - March 2012

Baltimore - September 2011

San Antonio - May 2011