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Cristiano Bellavitis

Cristiano Bellavitis

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Room: 503
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Cristiano Bellavitis is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University. He is also the co-editor of Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. His research interests cross the traditional boundaries between entrepreneurship, management and finance disciplines. His research focuses on entrepreneurial finance, more precisely venture capital, initial coin offerings and blockchain. He has published in peer-reviewed academic journals including Organization Science, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, British Journal of Management, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business Venturing Insights, among others.

Research Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance (business angel
  • Venture capital
  • Initial coin offerings
  • NFTs).

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance (business angel, venture capital, initial coin offerings).

Working Papers
  • "“Signals across time: ICOs and IEOs”", (with Forbes, D., Vanacker, T.)
Selected Publications
  • "A comprehensive review of the global development of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and their regulation", Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 15, e00213, 2021 (with Fisch, C., Wiklund, J.)
  • "COVID-19 and the global venture capital landscape", Small Business Economics, 2021
  • "The impact of technology complexity on the financial performance of R\&D projects: Evidence from Singapore", The Journal of Technology Transfer, 1--28, 2020 (with Cheah, S., Muscio, A.)
  • "The effects of prior co-investments on the performance of venture capitalist syndicates: A relational agency perspective", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 14(2), 240--264, 2020 (with Rietveld, J., Filatotchev, I.)
  • "Ban, Boom, and Echo! Entrepreneurship and Initial Coin Offerings", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2020 (with Cumming, D., Vanacker, T.)
  • "Cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurial finance", The Economics of Cryptocurrencies, 51--56, 2020 (with Martino, P., DaSilva, C.)
  • "Decentralized finance: Blockchain technology and the quest for an open financial system", Stevens Institute of Technology School of Business Research Paper, 2019 (with Chen, Y.)
  • "Introduction: Entrepreneurial Finance—From the 18th Century to Modern Times", World Scientific Book Chapters, 1--9, 2019 (with Alperovych, Y., Kamuriwo, D., Paeleman, I., Quas, A., others)
  • "Blockchain and initial coin offerings (ICOs): a new way of crowdfunding", Available at SSRN 3414238, 2019 (with Martino, P., DaSilva, C.)
  • "Blockchain disruption and decentralized finance: The rise of decentralized business models", Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 13(June 2020), 2019 (with Chen, Y.)
  • "An introduction to blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings", New Frontiers in Entrepreneurial Finance Research, 181--206, 2019 (with Martino, P., Wang, K., DaSilva, C., others)
  • "Mitigation of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection in Venture Capital Financing: The Influence of the Country's Institutional Setting", Journal of Small Business Management, 57(4), 1328--1349, 2019 (with Kamuriwo, D., Hommel, U.)
  • "Platform strategy: managing ecosystem value through selective promotion of complements", Organization Science, 2019 (with Rietveld, J., Schilling, M.)
  • "The Effects of Prior Co-Investments on the Performance of VC Syndicates: A Relational Agency Perspective", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2019 (with Rietveld, J., Filatotchev, I.)
  • "Commercializing LanzaTech, from waste to fuel: An effectuation case", Journal of Management & Organization, 1--22, 2018 (with Karlson, B., France, N.)
  • "Living cell technologies: finding a path to market for xenotransplantation therapy", International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, 16(1), 37--60, 2018 (with Callagher, L., Karlson, B., France, N.)
  • "Mitigating agency risk between investors and ventures’ managers", Journal of General Management, 43(1), 33--43, 2017 (with Kamuriwo, D., Hommel, U.)
  • "PowerbyProxi connecting the unknown dots in the commercialisation of inductive power transfer", Case Studies in Business and Management, 4(2), 1--13, 2017 (with Karlson, B., France, N., others)
  • "The impact of investment networks on venture capital firm performance: A contingency framework", British Journal of Management, 28(1), 102--119, 2017 (with Filatotchev, I., Souitaris, V.)
  • "Reload and relaunch: strategic governance of platform ecosystems", Unpublished working paper. Available at: http://questromworld. bu. edu/platformstrategy/files/2016/06/platform2016\_paper\_, 3, 2016 (with Rietveld, J., Schilling, M.)
  • "“Friends with Benefits”: The Effect of Repeated Collaborations on Performance of Venture Capital Syndicates", , 2015 (with Filatotchev, I., Rietveld, J.)
  • "The effects of intra-industry and extra-industry networks on performance: A case of venture capital portfolio firms", Managerial and Decision Economics, 35(2), 129--144, 2014 (with Filatotchev, I., Kamuriwo, D.)

Media Placements

NBC interview about cryptocurrencies , NBC 2.1.21