Neiderhoff presents first Behavioral Research Brown Bag Seminar

The first Behavioral Research Brown Bag Seminar of the Fall 2013 semester was held September 10 and featured Julie Niederhoff, assistant professor of supply chain management at the Whitman School of Management, who presented her research exploring the role of human behavior and biases in service environments with queues. This work, based on behavioral research done in the Whitman Behavioral Lab over the past six months, tests the robustness of common assumptions in analytical research and the implications to managerial insights if those assumptions fail.

Niederhoff received her PhD from the Olin School of Business at the Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on the role of individual human bias in decision making. She measures personal preferences and group dynamics by applying methodology from experimental economics and behavioral game theory, as well as psychology. Niederhoff uses these factors to measure individual and team performance in supply chain contexts in order to better understand the human element of supply chain decision making. She also teaches Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM 265) to undergraduate students.