Whitman launches master’s advantage programs in finance, accounting and business administration; partners with institutions

The Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University has launched the Whitman Advantage Program for master’s work in finance, accounting and business administration. The one-year degree programs are well-suited to the needs of individuals with an undergraduate degree who have professional career goals for subject matter expertise. An MBA from Whitman incorporates both the theoretical background and practical experience needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing global economy.

“We are excited to partner with institutions throughout the country for the launch of the Whitman Advantage Program. Our commitment through this program is to provide best-in-class graduate business education opportunities and encourage long-term career planning that rewards success at the undergraduate level,” says Joshua LaFave, director of recruiting and graduate distance education. “Partnering with these institutions validates the strength of their curriculum, but also the commitment to student success during and after their tenure as an undergraduate.”

Admission to the 4+1 Master of Finance (MSF) and 4+1 Master of Accounting (MSA) programs is based upon overall application merits. The programs provide guidance to prospective students in selecting equivalent prerequisite courses at their current institutions prior to completing their undergraduate degrees. Individuals can complete the MSF and MSA in the Whitman School with only one-year of additional study. After five years, the student will have obtained both an undergraduate degree from their home institution and a master’s from Whitman with minimum additional expense and time.

If the institution is a participating member of the Whitman Advantage Program, and the student has completed specific foundation course requirements, they are eligible for guaranteed admission into the MSF and MSA programs, as long as they meet minimum admissions standards set forth in the agreement. Students who meet these standards and enroll in the programs will be reimbursed for their application fee and GMAT exam costs. In addition, a merit scholarship of at least $5,000 will be awarded. For the MSF program, Whitman will also contribute $1,000 toward the completion of part one of the CFA exam for graduating students.

Current partner schools for the MSF advantage program include Hobart and William Smith Colleges (N.Y.), Keuka College (N.Y.), Morgan State University (Md.), Paul Smith’s College (N.Y.), Skidmore College (N.Y.), SUNY Geneseo (N.Y) and SUNY Plattsburgh (N.Y.) Partner schools for the MSA advantage program include Elmira College (N.Y.), Hobart and William Smith, Keuka, Morgan State, Paul Smith’s, Saint Michael’s College (Vt.), Skidmore and SUNY Plattsburgh.

The Whitman MBA Advantage Program allows select students who have recently graduated with undergraduate degrees the opportunity to enhance their business and leadership skills prior to entering the workforce. A small cohort of seats may be available for students who apply through the advantage program. Advantage program applicants are evaluated in a way that differs from traditional MBA applicants. Prior academic performance and demonstrated leadership potential receive considerable weight in the admissions process. Like the MSF and MSA programs, students who are admitted to the Whitman MBA Advantage Program will be reimbursed for their application fee and GMAT costs. Additionally, students meeting admissions requirements will be considered for a merit scholarship, the amount dependent on overall application merits.

Current partner schools for the MBA advantage program include Elmira, Hobart and William Smith, Keuka, Morgan State, Paul Smith’s, Skidmore, Saint Michael’s, SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Plattsburgh.

For more information, contact the Whitman Graduate Programs Office at (315) 443-3497.