The Stuart Frankel & Company

The Stuart Frankel & Company

New York Stock Exchange
Scholars Program:
A Wall Street Opportunity

The Stuart Frankel & Company New York Stock Exchange Program was established to provide finance students with practical hands-on experience in the securities market.

What does the program involve?
Three students (undergraduate and/or graduate) will be selected to spend three days shadowing members of the well-respected NYSE firm of Stuart Frankel and Company. This shadowing opportunity will provide a real “hands on” view of how the NYSE and an NYSE specialist firm works.

When will the program take place?
The tentative date for the program is May 13 – 15, 2004.

How are the scholars selected?
All finance majors (undergraduate or graduate) interested in pursuing a career in the securities industry are invited to apply.
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A panel chaired by the Ballentine Institute Director will review the applications and pre-select a group of eight students for an interview. The three selected scholars will be notified shortly after the interviews.

When is the deadline?
March 15, 2004.

For more information contact:

Shannon Hiemstra
Research Centers Administrator