First Bloomberg Seminar a Success

First Bloomberg Seminar a Success

A packed auditorium was on hand this past Friday, February 6th, to listen to the first Bloomberg Certification Training Program for Students. Rather than having to receive “on the job” training, the Ballentine Investment Institute has brought the training program to the SU campus for the first time. The program offers an opportunity for students to excel in an increasingly competitive, and challenging financial world.

A junior Syracuse management student attending the first session was very optimistic about the Bloomberg Certification Training Program. When asked his feelings on the recent session he remarked, “The Certification Program exposes you to real world financial markets and tools. It makes you a more competitive candidate when looking for jobs.” He also had this to say about Friday’s magnificent student turnout: “I was shocked by the number of students who attended the session, which exemplifies the program’s importance.”

This past Friday students followed five introductory sessions that provided a solid foundation for subsequent courses. The recent training session helped students gain an understanding of how information is organized in the Bloomberg system for easy retrieval. It taught students how to create market monitors, which will aid students’ ability to watch markets change in real-time. This allows students to make their investment decisions more rapid and efficient. Friday’s training session also helped students gain an understanding on how to use the various charting functions. In addition it assisted students in retrieving, generating, and customizing news needed to stay on top of economic announcements and events using various Bloomberg functions. Lastly, Friday’s seminar taught students how to use Bloomberg API wizards to download data onto MS Excel applications. On February 20th, the next training session covering Equity will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Whitman School of Management Auditorium.

-Zack Steiner

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