Class Act FAQ


Why should Whitman graduating students consider contributing to the "Class Act Challenge?"

Giving is an important source of revenue for Syracuse University and the Whitman School. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide students with cutting-edge programs, modern facilities, scholarships or any number of other things that go into a first-class education. Did you know?:

• Tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the real cost of an SU education. Gifts from donors help bridge that gap.

• At any giving time, 75 percent of SU students receive some form of financial assistance.

• More than $215 million in scholarships and grants are granted

• Gifts support operating budgets for student organizations, new technology in classrooms, labs and libraries, entry fees for student competitions, and travel and conference opportunities to name a few.

Donations can help future students have the same great experiences current students had. Giving back to Whitman can preserve and strengthen the school; the stronger the school, the better it will fare in national program rankings.

But contributions also allow students to transition to proud alumni, establishing a strong legacy and lifelong tradition of philanthropy and giving to Whitman and Syracuse University.

What kinds of programs and initiatives will my donations support?

Students who donate to the “Class Act” challenge who designate their funds to the “Whitman Dean’s Fund” will be supporting areas determined by the Whitman “Class Act” student committee. They include student organizations, student government, technology, student scholarships, and career related travel.

What are the other ways in which the Whitman School raises money?

The Whitman School is always cultivating relationships with its alumni and friends, and recruiting companies to secure necessary funding for the future.

How can Whitman graduating students contribute to the "Class Act Graduation Challenge?"

Graduating students are encouraged to visit the Whitman Giving page and Class Act giving page to make their contributions. Contributors are also invited to share a “selfie” of themselves to spur others to join them! 

Class Act Selfie

How will contributors be recognized for their donations?

Students who participate will be acknowledged in several ways, including receiving a customized “giving cord” to wear at Whitman convocation and graduation, their name listed on a “roll call” on the digital signs within Whitman and the website and also on the new Class Act “Wall of Fame” on the first floor corridor of Whitman.