Microsoft Excel Certification for the IMPRESS Program

Please note: this page contains information specific to the IMPRESS program and its relationship to the Excel Certification program. For more complete information about the Whitman Excel Certification program, continue to after reading this page.

By now you’ve likely heard about the Whitman Excel Training and Certification Program. This is a self-study program that is designed to teach you Microsoft Excel and prepare you to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2013 Certification Exam.

You can also earn up to 200 IMPRESS points if you complete the practice exam requirement (described below) before your arrival, and then pass the MOS Excel 2013 Specialist Exam on the first Friday of this coming fall Semester!

There are three parts to the Whitman Excel Training and Certification Program:

Using the instructional content provided by and accessed through Blackboard, you will learn Microsoft Excel essential skills. There are two sets of content: Excel 2013 Essential Training, and Excel 2013 - Supplemental Content. You are required to complete the Excel 2013 Essential Training prior to registering for the actual certification exam.

Using Gmetrix, our Practice Exam utility, you will take practice exams to become familiar with the actual testing process, and to further solidify your understanding of Microsoft Excel in its practical usage.

There are nine practice exams that cover all the skills required to pass the MOS Excel Exam: six that are delivered as question/answer, and three that are delivered as a cumulative project.

You will be expected to take the MOS Excel Certification Exam during the first Friday of this coming Fall semester. Please be aware that you will not be allowed to take the MOS Excel Certification Exam during the semester if you have not satisfied the requirements described above.

To get started, log into, go to the Whitman tab, and click on the Whitman Excel Certification course. Once you’re in the course, click on “Information” using the navigation menu on the left side of your screen to begin.

We are excited that you’re now part of our Whitman Family, and will do everything we can to assist you with the Whitman Excel Training and Certification Program, and all other aspects of technology that you might encounter during your academic career at Whitman.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!