Microsoft Excel Training and Certification Program - Apple Computers

Why is Windows required for Excel Certification?

If you’re getting Excel certified, by now you’ve been told that you unequivocally need Windows. If you are not already aware, this is for a few reasons:

  • Recruiters are asking us for students who have a solid background in versions of Excel that exist only for Windows
  • Windows is an industry standard in the business world
  • Participating in Microsoft IT Academy Online Training requires that you use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Gmetrix, our practice test software, is a Windows-only product
  • All supporting software (specific versions of Flash Player, .NET Framework) is Windows-only. This means that you CANNOT install Gmetrix, Office 2010, .Net, or Internet Explorer on your Mac. It simply is not possible.

In general, Whitman advises its students to bring Windows computers to school for their coursework. Our full recommendations can be found at including the reasons for our recommendation.

What you need to do

Method 1: RDWeb is a web based service that we have set up for you to use, among other things, for Excel Certification training. If you have an Apple computer, this really is the most convenient way for you to complete the IT Academy curriculum and Gmetrix practice exams. If you need access to it, please visit Chris Mead in Whitman 210 for assistance.

Please note that you can complete the IT Academy Training on Whitman Lab computers, but you CANNOT complete Gmetrix practice exams on Whitman .

Method 2: Boot Camp is a system created by Apple to allow Windows to run on Apple Computers. If you want to be able to run Windows on your Mac for reasons other than Excel Certification, then Boot Camp is the way to go. Below are two steps that you need to take to get your computer Boot Camped.

Step 1 is to verify that your computer has enough free space to be set up properly. Your storage media (Hard Drive or SSD) will need at least 50GB of free space. If you don’t have that much free space, you can clear it by moving some of your non-crucial data to an external hard drive.

To find out how much free space you have, go to your desktop, select Macintosh HD and hit Command+I, which should open an Info page. You should see the information you’re looking for shown like so:


If the number you see to the right of the word “Available” is 70.00 GB or larger, your computer can be bootcamped for Excel training and certification.

Step 2 is to bring your computer to the Student Computing Office in Whitman, which is located in the 2nd Floor computer lab. We will take care of the actual BootCamp configuration and process. We will make sure that everything you need to participate is installed, and that everything will be ready to use. Once we’re done, we’ll notify you, show you how to use it, and answer any questions you have.

Note: The BootCamp process takes a few hours. Also, please do not attempt to do this yourself. Problems can result that will require extra time to repair. It is in your best interests to let Whitman Student Technology Services do this part for you.