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MAC wireless Printing

Perform the following steps once to set up your Mac computer to print wirelessly

  1. Go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences

    System preference screenshot
  2. Click on Printers & Scanners.

    Screenshot of show system preferences with Printers and Scanners circled.
  3. Within the Printing section, click on the + icon to add a new printer.

    This picture is of the + icon to add a printer.
  4. On the toolbar at the top part of the window, look for an Advanced (gear) icon.
    NOTE: If you do not see it, add it as described in step 5. If you see it, skip to step 6.

    the advance icon (a gear).
  5. To add the Advanced Button if you do not see it, hold down the Control key while clicking anywhere on the top toolbar of that window (next to the icons on the top left), then choose Customize Toolbar from the menu that appears. Drag the Advanced (gear) icon to the toolbar and click Done.)This picture is of the screen to customize the toolbar.
  6. Now click the Advanced (gear) icon on the toolbar. From the Type menu, choose Windows printer via spoolss.
    NOTE: It could take a minute before you are able to choose anything from the Type menu...give it a few seconds.

    Mac9 add printer
  7. Enter one of the following URLs (used 210 Lab Black and White as example):

    210 Lab Black and White: smb://
    210 Lab Color: smb://
    310 Lab Black and White: smb://
    310 Lab Color: smb://
  8. In the Name field, type a nickname that you would like to use for this printer (e.x. 210 Lab BW).
  9. Select Generic Postscript Printer as the "Print Using" driver. Then click Add.
    Mac10 add printer
  10. Note: If it asks you to enable Duplex printing, click yes. This ensures you can print double-sided if needed.
  11. Once you have added all the printers you want to add, you can close the Print & Fax window.


  1. Open the file you wish to print
  2. Go to the File menu and choose Print. From the printer dropdown, select the printer that you want to use. Then, click the Print button in the file you wish to print.
  3. You will be asked to log in as a "registered user". Type your SU NetID in ad\login format -- for example, ad\jdoe09. Your password is your SU NetID password. Be sure to use your SU Login, not your Mac username and MAKE SURE that you do not forget the ad\. Without the ad\ your authentication will fail AND if you go on to the next step with that mistake, you will have saved incorrect information into the Keychain.
  4. Once you are sure that you have used the ad\login format, check the box to save your credentials in the keychain. Click OK.
  5. Once you are ready, click Print.
    Note: If your document fails to print, you may need to open the print queue (from Print &Fax menu located in System Preferences), double-click on the document name in the queue and enter your credentials as directed in Step 3.

If you have not been able to successfully add a printer to your list of available printers, please call the Help Desk at 443-2342 or email for assistance.