Career Fairs

The Whitman Career Center and our campus partners actively promote Syracuse University to global employers, and offer venues to these employers for the recruitment of Syracuse University students. In the fall and spring, career centers across campus offer career fairs and campus interviewing options as a means to connect students with recruiters. 

What is a career fair?

A career fair is an open forum for you to meet with recruiters. Recruiters are eager to meet with you, and anticipate you have researched the company and understand how your skills will match current career openings. This venue offers you an opportunity to ‘market’ your skills to the recruiter, thereby garnering interest in you as a candidate.

Information regarding dates for career fairs and registered employers is available through OrangeLink. Connect here.

What is a corporate information session?

Some corporations will offer sessions that allow you to learn specifically about the career opportunities within their firm. These sessions are a more structured format, and educate you about the firm and what they are looking for in a candidate.  Information regarding information sessions is offered on OrangeLink. Connect here.

What is campus recruiting?

Syracuse University and the Whitman School encourage corporations to interview students directly on campus. Corporations will meet with you for 30 minutes to determine if you have the skills needed to be successful in their company. To be considered for interviews, you need to apply to career listings through OrangeLink.  If you are selected to be interviewed, you will receive notification through OrangeLink, and be asked to schedule a meeting.