Natarajan Balasubramanian

Associate Professor of Management

Room: 522

Ph D, UCLA Anderson School of Management (Management)

Research Topics

  • Industry competition
  • Organizational learning
  • Innovation
  • Spinouts
  • Firm growth
  • Productivity

Strategic Management

Some companies have created enormous value for their consumers as well as for their employees, shareholders and governments over long periods of time. Many others have not been as successful, and one or more of their stakeholders have suffered. Prof. Balasubramanian's research agenda is to understand what drives this tremendous variation in value creation among businesses. To this end, he studies firm growth and productivity growth and focuses on three key phenomena: innovation, learning, and entrepreneurship, all of which directly involve value creation.

Selected Publications

Awards and Honors

  • Guttag Faculty Fellow - Whitman School of Management (2016)
  • Distinguished Paper Award - BPS Division, Academy of Management (2016)
  • Whitman Research Fellow - Whitman (2014)
  • Guttag Junior Faculty Award - Whitman School of Management (2013)
  • Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellow - Entrepreneurship Research (2012)
  • Finalist, Outstanding Dissertation Award Competition - Business Policy and Strategy Division, Academy of Management (2008)
  • Best Professor - Downtown MBA Program, Florida International University (2008)