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Susan Long

Susan Long

Associate Professor of Managerial Statistics
Director, TRAC Research Center
Office: TRAC Research Center in Newhouse

Room: TRAC
Contact Me

PhD, University of Washington

Research Topics

  • Informational technology
  • E-government
  • Data-mining
  • Statistics
  • Measurement
  • Research methodology
  • Data visualization
  • Causal modeling and structural equations
  • Evaluating government performance
  • Freedom of information

She teaches courses in research methods, regression and structural equation models, confirmatory factor analysis, data visualization technologies, database development/design and computer-assisted reporting. She received the school’s Outstanding Faculty Award.

Professor Long’s research interests include measurement and evaluation methods, e-government and information technology, data mining, and data visualization methods appropriate for large transactional data. She has served as an expert witness in litigation on information technologies with respect to public disclosure, and on the use of statistical evidence in evaluating government policy.

Selected Publications
  • "Increased Use of the Freedom of Information Act by the Media: What Took the Media So Long", Villanova Law Review, 63(5), 2018 (with Hammitt, H.)
  • "Tracking Litigation: Record Number of Freedom of Information Act Suits Filed", The IRE Journal(Fall 2014), 15-16, 2015
  • "“Huge Differences in the Number of Persons Sentenced by Individual Judges” ", Federal Sentencing Reporter, 27(5), 303-3011, 2015 (with Burnham, D., Munno, G.)

Media Placements

, Numerous (average over 1.5 each day by news media outlets alone) 1.1.21

'It's disturbing.' U.S. Justice Department white-collar criminal prosecutions fall to their lowest level on record, study says , MarketWatch 3.6.20

Immigration in 2019: Trump Restricts Asylum and Overhauls Legal Immigration, CBS News 12.31.19

In pursuit of Florida Latinos, Democrats fight socialist tag, AP 12.30.19

‘We always FaceTime daddy for presents': How families celebrate Christmas with their deported spouses, PRI 12.23.19

The Deportation Business: ICE detaining fewer immigrants with serious criminal convictions , KTSP 12.23.19

5 Months After His Live-Streamed ICE Arrest, A Deportee And His Kansas City Family Are Struggling , NPR 12.21.19

US is sending migrants back to Mexico. Thousands have missed a court date, CNN 12.20.19

Trump admin announces rule further limiting immigrants' eligibility for asylum, NBC News 12.18.19

'Vulnerable' Asylum Seekers Are Supposed to Be Able to Stay in the U.S.—But Critically Ill Migrants Are Still Being Sent Back to Mexico, Time 12.17.19

Immigration Tent Courts at Border Raise Due-Process Concerns, Wall Street Journal 12.14.19

Disproportionate Sentencing: Trump Administration Takes Local Gun Crimes Federal, KUNC 12.10.19

Judges Quietly Disrupt Trump Immigration Policy in San Diego, Wall Street Journal 11.28.19

Most Recent ICE Detainees Found To Lack Criminal Record , Law360 11.27.19

Disproportionate Sentencing: Trump Administration Takes Local Gun Crimes Federal, PBS Newshour 11.21.19

Migrant aid workers face arrests and prosecutions, PBS Newshour 11.10.19

Opinion: The real reason for Trump’s meltdowns , MarketWatch 11.9.19

Environmental Prosecutions Drop to Lowest Rate in 20 Years, Bloomberg News 11.4.19

Missing Records Suggest Strained Immigration Courts , Law360 11.1.19

Fact-check: Durbin mostly right in claim about link between Illinois deportations and serious crime , Chicago Sun-Times 10.27.19

The Real Reason for Trump’s Meltdowns , MarketWatch 10.4.19

White-collar crime prosecutions hit lowest level in 33 years , CBS News 9.26.19

Deportations Reduce Crime? That’s Not What the Evidence Shows, New York Times 9.23.19

Trump Administration Sets New Record for Deportation Filings, with Nearly 385,000 Cases Filed in Fiscal Year 2019 So Far , Newsweek 9.19.19

U.S. Immigration Courts’ Backlog Exceeds One Million Cases, Wall Street Journal 9.18.19

Trump’s Return-to-Mexico Policy Overwhelms Immigration Courts, Wall Street Journal 9.5.19

How The Times Uses FOIA to Obtain Information the Public Has a Right to Know, New York Times 9.2.19

Report: More Than 15,000 Deportations In NC Via Secure Communities Program , Blue Ridge Public Radio 8.26.19

Anti-Immigrant, Pro-Exploitation: The administration’s crackdowns and rule changes benefit business., New York Times 8.14.19

Mississippi employers in ICE raids unlikely to be prosecuted, PBS Newshour 8.11.19

Trump’s claim about prosecuting ‘a record number of firearms offenses’ , All USA News Hub 8.6.19

Trial of Houston businessman stirs debate over U.S. crackdown on China’s economic espionage, Washington Post 7.24.19

Wachtell to Clients: Compliance Still Matters Under Trump, Bloomberg News 7.18.19

System Under Strain: How the U.S. Actually Manages the Thousands of Migrant Families Entering Each Day , Wall Street Journal 7.16.19

New risks for tax audits, Accounting Today 7.9.19

Fact Check: Sen. Martha McSally says 90% of asylum cases are 'not legitimate' , Arizona Republic 7.7.19 , KTAR 7.1.19

Report: Most asylum-seeking families show up to immigration court dates , Arizona Public Media 6.21.19

Feds: Only 11 Employers Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens in Last Year, Breibart 6.2.19

Trump’s Crackdown on Illegal Immigration: 11 Employers Prosecuted in the Past Year , New York Times 5.31.19

Prosecution of Employers for Hiring Unauthorized Workers Rare, Bloomberg Law 5.30.19

Extending 'Zero Tolerance' To People Who Help Migrants Along The Border , NPR 5.28.19

Watchdogs hit a wall in accessing once-available immigration data , 4.29.19

Trump Skips White House Press Dinner, Rallies Supporters in Wisconsin, Wall Street Journal 4.27.19

White-Collar Prosecutions Hit Record Low in January, Study Finds, Bloomberg Law 3.14.19

Judicial Watch: The nation's FOIA champion, Washington Times 3.13.19

Paul Manafort’s Prison Sentence Is Nearly Doubled to 7½ Years, New York Times 3.13.19

Fear a tax audit by IRS? Don't -- the odds are with you , Valley News Live 3.8.19

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court Grants More Protections for Asylum Seekers, New York Times 3.7.19

System Under Strain: How the U.S. Actually Manages the Thousands of Migrant Families Entering Each Day , Accounting Today 3.7.19

The biggest lesson from Michael Cohen’s explosive testimony, Washington Post 2.27.19

For hundreds of thousands of U.S. asylum seekers, a ‘life in limbo’, PBS Newshour 1.28.19

Shutdown Compounds Woes for Immigration System, Wall Street Journal 1.28.19

Court Backlog May Prove Bigger Barrier for Migrants Than Any Wall , New York Times 1.25.19

Digging a bigger and bigger hole’: Shutdown stalls Trump’s deportation efforts , Washington Post 1.25.19

Court Backlog May Prove Bigger Barrier for Migrants Than Any Wall, New York Times 1.24.19

Venezuelans Living in America Watch Crisis Back Home With Hope and Caution, New York Times 1.24.19

Over 42,000 Immigration Court Hearings Canceled Due to Shutdown: Report , The Daily Beast 1.14.19

Immigration Court Backlog May Grow by Years on Shutdown , Bloomberg 1.11.19

Shutdown stalls immigration courts already facing a 'tremendous backlog' of cases, PBS Newshour 1.9.19

Immigration court backlog grows under government shutdown, The San Diego Union-Tribune 12.31.18

Chief FOIA Officer Annual Report, U.S. Department of the Interior 1.1.18

2017 Sacramento Democrat Law Forces ICE to MOVE Illegal aliens to Other States , California Political Review 12.30.18

Immigration Court Docket Affected Due to Gov't Shutdown, 12.28.18

Mexicanos solicitantes de asilo afectados por restricciones a caravanas, TV Pacifico 12.28.18

A Second Chance, The Intercept 12.27.18

Spurred by Trump policy, Immigrant Families Together prompts Marylanders to collect food, help migrants, The Baltimore Sun 12.24.18

Migrants risk death to enter US where seven-year-old Jakelin Caal crossed, The Guardian 12.23.18

Historic Backlog Plagues Immigration Courts In Texas, Nationwide , Houston Public Media 12.21.18

New asylum policy could face court challenge, KSAT TV 12.21.18

纽约移民法庭10万案子排队 增长54%, Epoch Times 12.20.18

Immigration Court Backlog Grows by 50% Under Trump, Law 360 12.19.18

Homicides have fallen dramatically in Honduras. So why are people still fleeing?, Los Angeles Times 12.14.18

Cambodians use pardons to beat Trump admin's deportation orders, NBC News 12.13.18

Asylum denials jump; immigration judges' discretion attacked, UPI 12.10.18

Is the GOP the law and order party? Not so much., The Washington Post 12.10.18

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to implement asylum ban, Tucson Sentinel 12.10.18

Department of Ed Joins Top-10 Rank of FOIA Lawsuits, The Journal 12.6.18

Miami's Immigrant-Asylum Denials Hit 18-Year High in 2018, Data Shows, Miami New Times 12.6.18

Mexico Once Saw Migration as a U.S. Problem. Now It Needs Answers of Its Own., The New York Times 12.5.18

Migrants jump border fence in Tijuana to try to reach US, BBC News 12.4.18

Who's in charge? Immigration advocates say Kent County should stop cooperating with ICE, Michigan Radio 12.4.18

Asylum denials hit record-high in 2018 as Trump administration tightens immigration policy, CBS News 12.3.18

Border Drug Cases Hit 20-Year Low as Prosecutors Focused on Migrants, The New York Times 11.30.18

What's Next for the Migrant Caravan?, The Washington Post 11.26.18

Immigration lawyer finds home in shadow of giant Ga. detention center, Atlanta-Journal Constitution 11.22.18

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448 Days, 12 Hearings and $58,000: One Dreamer's Journey Through the Immigration System, WNYC 11.9.18

Trump moves to limit asylum; new rules challenged in court, Associated Press 11.9.18

Immigrant advocates slam video hearings for detained kids, Associated Press 11.8.18

After an ugly campaign for immigrants, some midterm wins spark a glimmer of hope, Public Radio International 11.7.18

What Happened to the Last Immigrant Caravan, The San Diego Union-Tribune 11.5.18

Essex County among top areas for immigration arrests, 11.3.18

Can Trump Stop Asylum Seekers?, Los Angeles Times 11.2.18

Let's Exert Our Power Over ICE, The Washington Post 11.2.18

‘You descend into hell by coming here’: how Texas shut the door on refugees, The Guardian 11.2.18

Once Meant To Nail Mobsters, RICO Sees Resurgence In Civil Cases In 2018, Forbes 10.31.18

A Culture of No, Virginia Quarterly Review 10.1.18

Asylum requests overwhelm US immigration system: A look at the numbers, Fox News 10.30.18

U.S. Citizen Detained by ICE Is Awarded $55,000 Settlement, The New York Times 10.29.18

Five barriers the Honduran caravan of immigrants might find when they get to the U.S. to see, Dallas News (The Dallas Morning News) 10.27.18

Five barriers the Honduran caravan of immigrants might find when they get to the U.S. to see, BuzzFeed News 10.26.18

Harris County Leads in ICE Community Arrests Statewide, 4th in U.S., Houston Public Radio 10.25.18

Long Odds and Slow Lines Await Migrant Caravan at US Border, Associated Press 10.23.18

Is the U.S. really facing a border crisis?, Los Angeles Times 10.23.18

Where Now for the Migrant Caravan Facing Trump’s Threats?, Bloomberg News 10.22.18

Watchdog: Trump Justice Department pursuing fewer corruption cases, The Washington Times 10.21.18

'I live in fear': under Trump, life for America's immigrants can change in a flash, The Guardian 10.18.18

Sudden release of migrant families may spark new family separation program, The Tucson Sentinel 10.16.18

Who's in ICE custody at Otay Mesa Detention Center?, The San Diego Union-Tribune 10.15.18

U.S. judges balk at ICE detention of defendants granted bail under Trump ‘zero tolerance’ push, The Washington Post 10.11.18

Crackdown at U.S.-Mexico border shows asylum system in crisis, UPI 10.8.18

California Border District Reverses Course on a Key Component of Operation Streamline, The Intercept 10.5.18

Order in City and County of San Francisco, et al v Jefferson Beauregard Sessios et al., United States District Court, Northern District of California 10.5.18

Defenders: Feds making push to jail immigrants seeking asylum, WCNC 10.3.18

2 Phoenix immigration judges retire as Trump administration pushes for faster deportations, Arizona Republic 9.29.18

Indians arrested for illegally entering U.S. nearly triples, Reuters 9.28.18

Researchers Aim to Unlock Data on Detained Immigrants as FOIA Lawsuit Advances, New York Law Journal 9.28.18

Corporate Health Care Fraud Prosecutions In The Trump Administration: It Ain't Over Til It's Over, Forbes 9.26.18

Migrants get a second chance at asylum. But it’s still "an uphill battle.", The Texas Tribune 9.25.18

Judge blasts plan to fast-track immigration, deportation cases, The Mercury News 9.24.18

Migrants are being turned away from immigration courts because ICE gave them 'fake dates' for deportation hearings, Daily Mail 9.18.18

Trump’s immigrant roundups increasingly net noncriminals, Associated Press 9.18.18

Immigration Court Judges Are Skeptical of Jeff Sessions' Backlog-Busting Plan, Pacific Standard 9.12.18

Zero Tolerance, Infinite Problems, Voice of San Diego 9.11.18

163 border-crossers detained by Border Patrol in often deadly Az desert, The Tucson Sentinel 9.5.18

Displacements and denouements: Who are the Indians seeking asylum?, The Print (India) 9.5.18

Prosecutors Are Filing Fewer Cross-Border Drug Cases, Even as More Drugs Cross the Border, Voice of San Diego 9.5.18

California has largest immigration court backlog, others growing faster, The San Diego Union-Tribune 9.4.18

Under Zero Tolerance, Illegal Border-Crossers Can Be Treated More Harshly Than Their Smugglers, Voice of San Diego 9.4.18

Trump Administration Steps Up Prosecution of Gun Crimes, Courthouse News Service 9.4.18

ICE transferring Albany’s immigrant detainees to Batavia, Albany Times Union 8.31.18

Backlogs in U.S. immigration courts are up 38 percent since Trump took office, with the biggest increases in Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia, Daily Mail 8.30.18

Venezuelans find US asylum surprisingly elusive, New Delhi Times 8.30.18

Venezuelans find US asylum surprisingly elusive, Associated Press 8.29.18

State’s southern half now ranks in top 10 for federal gun prosecutions, report says, Daily Journal 8.28.18

North Florida District has Largest Drop in White Collar Federal Prosecutions in Nation, Tallahassee Reports 8.27.18

Supreme Court ruling could upend thousands of deportation cases, sowing chaos in court, Arizona Republic 8.27.18

Harrowing escape, uncertain future for Honduran family now in Minnesota, Star Tribune 8.25.18

Manafort, Cohen cases reveal weaknesses in enforcement of tax and election laws, The Washington Post 8.25.18

Granted asylum, N.J. teacher is released from detention, The Jersey Journal 8.24.18

DHS has increased requests to open closed immigration court cases, ABA Journal 8.21.18

Minnesota court sees burgeoning backlog of deportation cases, Associated Press 8.18.18

GOP bill would let asylum seekers apply in Mexico, in bid to ease immigration court backlog, Fox News 8.17.18

Is there rampant fraud among asylum seekers? On the border, I saw none, Salon 8.16.18

They came fearing for their lives. Now more are being denied asylum, lawyers say. , NBC News 8.16.18

Indian Asylum Seeker Numbers Spike at U.S./Mexico Border, Newsweek 8.14.18

Beaten and raped in El Salvador, a domestic violence survivor finds little hope for asylum in U.S., Los Angeles Times 8.10.18

Trump's hard-hearted immigration policies are a stain on the nation, Los Angeles Times (editorial) 8.10.18

Strong borders don’t require a closed heart, The News and Observer (editorial) 8.8.18

Civil groups lead efforts to reunite children with deported parents, National Catholic Reporter 8.7.18

Her Husband’s Killers Told Her She Was Next. These Days, That’s Not Enough for Asylum., The New York Times 8.7.18

How America stopped prosecuting white-collar crime and public corruption, in charts, The Washington Post 8.7.18

Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin: No sanctuary here, Corpus Christi Caller Times 8.7.18

Prosecution of non-immigration crimes is down 57% at the southern U.S. border under Trump's zero-tolerance policy as immigration cases balloon, suggesting a shift in focus for law enforcement, Daily Mail 8.7.18

Report says non-immigration prosecutions in federal courts falling, AZ Family 8.7.18

Beyond family separation: Trump’s ongoing war on asylum, explained, Vox 8.6.18

The Trump administration is '100 percent' responsible for locating immigrant parents who have been deported without their children, judge says, Daily Mail 8.3.18

Editorial: Trump is winning his crusade against asylum seekers, Daily Camera 8.2.18

Parents Were Targeted Under The "Zero Tolerance" Policy, A New Analysis Of Immigration Data, BuzzFeed News 8.2.18

Bonds At Hartford Immigration Court Highest In Nation, WNPR 8.2.18

What Are The Chances of Getting Asylum? A Lot Better in New York than Houston, Houston Public Media 8.2.18

, Law 360 8.1.18

Trump is winning his crusade against asylum seekers, Los Angeles Times (editorial) 8.1.18

‘Credible Fear’ Findings Plummet as Tougher Asylum Standards Take Effect, The Daily Caller 7.31.18

It is getting harder for immigrants to gain asylum in the U.S: Official data shows rates have been slashed in half over the last six months, Daily Mail 7.31.18

Immigrants receiving asylum in U.S. steadily declines, study says, KFOX14 7.31.18

Immigration Judges turning down more asylum seekers, as Trump administration presses for crackdown, Los Angeles Times 7.30.18

Naperville father, facing deportation, fights to stay in U.S. to help care for daughter who has spina bifida, Chicago Tribune 7.26.18

Prosecution Numbers Increase Along Southwest Border: Report, The Crime Report 7.24.18

City of Fear, New York Magazine 7.23.18

The Trump administration has summoned at least 70 immigrant babies to court for their own deportation proceedings , Business Insider 7.19.18

Questions, Answers About Seeking Asylum in US , Voice of America 7.19.18

Immigrant infants too young to talk called into court to defend themselves, The Texas Tribune 7.18.18

ICE’s disappearing data makes it difficult to track whether reality meets rhetoric, KPFA 7.18.18

Ohio Immigration Arrests Boom Under Trump, Though Below Obama Highs, WVXU 7.18.18

Tennessee immigration judges order record number of deportations, denials for asylum, Tennessean 7.17.18

The Defenders: Is Charlotte ground zero when it comes to deportations?, WCNC 7.17.18

California Clinic Screens Asylum Seekers For Honesty, Kaiser Health News 7.16.18

New U.S. asylum rules bring confusion, fear and few options for immigrants , The Sacramento Bee 7.15.18

As immigration courts battle record backlog, retired Bay Area judges offer solution, The Mercury News 7.13.18

Average detainee waits more than 1100 days before their immigration hearing in Portland, KPTV 7.13.18

Which nationalities get rejected the most for US asylum?, CNN 7.12.18

How big a risk is it to release migrant families from custody before evaluating asylum claims?, The Washington Post 7.11.18

Trump must end 'zero-tolerance' policy for undocumented immigrants, Arizona Daily Star (editorial) 7.11.18

Mexico’s Own Refugee Surge, U.S. News & World Report 7.10.18

Medical Clinics That Treat Refugees Help Determine The Case For Asylum, Texas Public Radio 7.10.18

Contra Costa sheriff to announce end of ICE contract, sources say, The Mercury News 7.9.18

What Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ shares with Clinton, Bush, Obama policies, Statesman 7.7.18

Effect of ‘zero tolerance’ on display in Texas immigration court , The Virginian-Pilot 7.5.18

Feds decided to deport her — two decades after her Miami marijuana arrest, Miami Herald 7.5.18

How can backlog of immigration cases be trimmed? Solutions still being sought, KPRC 7.5.18

Portland filmmaker’s video of migrant kids in court goes viral, KGW8 7.5.18

Hundreds Of Miles From Mexico Border, Utah Still Leads Interior States For Immigration Prosecutions , Radio West 7.3.18

Ever More Children Are Facing the Nightmare of Immigration Court on Their Own, The Nation 7.2.18

Q&A: How U.S. asylum policy has evolved , Austin American-Statesman 7.1.18

Trump administration began separating children from parents earlier than thought, study shows, Los Angeles Times 6.29.18

Parents deported without children even before "zero-tolerance" policy, The San Diego Union-Tribune 6.28.18

Study: ‘Several Hundred’ Parents Deported Without Their Children in April, Daily Beast 6.27.18

Permanent family separation, an American tragedy, Jackson Sun 6.27.18

Demonizing the IRS to Protect Tax Evaders, The American Prospect Magazine 6.26.18

Deporting asylum-seekers without giving them a chance to make their case would violate US and international laws, Public Radio International 6.26.18

‘Children As Young As 5’ Could Face Immigration Court Alone, Experts Say, Huffington Post 6.25.18

Sarah Huckabee Sanders doubles down on Trump's call for no judges for illegals, Daily Mail 6.25.18

Tolerância zero com migrantes nos EUA leva a 'julgamentos expressos', Folha De S. Paulo 6.24.18

In Tense Meeting, Trump Officials Debate How to Process Migrant Families, The New York Times 6.22.18

Trump’s Executive Order Creates a New Border Crisis, The New Yorker 6.21.18

The Immigration Issue in Eight Charts, The Wall Street Journal 6.21.18

Data Shows Sanctuary Policies Are Hampering ICE Arrests, CNS News 6.21.18

Minor Offenses, Commonweal 6.20.18

Immigration backlog exceeds 700,000 cases and rising, ABC News 6.20.18

Behind the Criminal Immigration Law: Eugenics and White Supremacy, ProPublica 6.19.18

Trump On Immigration Judges: ‘Who Are These People?’, TPM 6.19.18

Immigrants illegally entering the country experience 'rapid-fire justice' in federal courts, ABA Journal 6.19.18

Swift Frontier Justice for Migrants Brought to Federal Courts, The New York Times 6.19.18

Study Finds 54 Percent Of Connecticut Immigration Court Cases Legally Represented , WNPR 6.19.18

5 things we know, 5 things we don’t know about family separation, PBS Newshour 6.19.18

Immigrant groups say policy affecting asylum seekers, KTSM 6.18.18

Trump Refuses to Release Data on Immigration Crackdown, Bloomberg News 6.14.18

Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy puts a strain on the border as families are separated , Dallas News (The Dallas Morning News) 6.14.18

Senate Resolution No. 114, Senate of the State of California 6.14.18

Immigration judges say Sessions’ decision makes it harder for people facing ‘life and death’ to win asylum in US, Public Radio International 6.12.18

Immigration numbers illustrate lives affected by Trump-era policies, Reveal 6.6.18

Asylum seekers reportedly denied entry at border as Trump tightens 'zero tolerance' immigration policies , Dallas News (The Dallas Morning News) 6.6.18

For this mother and daughter, separated a year ago at the southern border, Trump's ‘zero-tolerance’ policy isn’t new, WUNC 6.6.18

Amicus Curiae Brief, City of Philadelphia v. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Attorney General of the United States, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania 6.5.18

Border Report: Untangling the Two Migrant Children Stories Roiling the Internet, Voice of San Diego 6.4.18

77,000 cases involving migrant kids are stuck in limbo. Splitting up families will make it worse. , Politico 6.2.18

Homeland Security chief vows to end 'lawlessness' along border, The Tucson Sentinel 6.1.18

Deported to Cambodia, Public Radio International 6.1.18

ICE Enforcement in New York City, New York City Mayor's Office of Immigration Affairs 5.1.18

Compliance Hot Spots: White-Collar Presecutions Wither, 5.30.18

Black Defendants Get Longer Sentences From Republican-Appointed Judges, Study Finds, The New York Times 5.29.18

Trump Exaggerates MS-13 Deportation Numbers and Other False Claims from Nashville Rally, The New York Times 5.29.18

Republican-appointed judges give blacks longer sentences , The Atlanta Voice 5.29.18

Federal judge ‘weary’ of immigration crackdown, says it 'destroys families', The Hill 5.26.18

Transgender Mexican woman in Georgia wins asylum after legal battle, Atlanta-Journal Constitution 5.25.18

White-Collar Prosecutions Fall to 20-Year Low Under Trump, Bloomberg News 5.25.18

Crackdown on immigrants takes a toll on federal judge: 'I have presided over a process that destroys families', Los Angeles Times 5.24.18

Black defendants receive longer prison terms from Republican-appointed judges, study finds, The Washington Post 5.23.18

Data Shows Asylum Approval Rates Differ from City to City in Immigration Courts, NBC News 5.22.18

King, Zeldin ask feds for Long Island immigration court, Newsday 5.18.18

Gang crackdowns have increased arrests, deportations of Latino, immigrant youth, says report, NBC News 5.16.18

No End in Sight: An Egyptian Man’s Ordeal in ICE Custody and the Plight of Indefinite Immigration Detention, The Intercept 5.14.18

Migrant mother Gabriela Hernandez is almost relieved to be in detention after a hellish journey through Mexico, CNN 5.11.18

After deportation, a family from Wisconsin will start anew in Cambodia, KUOW 5.10.18

Data Points to Wide Gap in Asylum Approval Rates at Nation’s Immigration Courts, NBC News 5.10.18

ICE Issues More Detainers in Texas, Withholds Crucial Data, Texas Observer 5.7.18

Trump Administration Threatens Jail and Separating Children From Parents for Those Who Illegally Cross Southwest Border, The New York Times 5.7.18

How likely are asylum-seekers from Central American caravan to win their cases?, Los Angeles Times 5.6.18

Immigration detention prolonged in Alabama's 'black hole', Associated Press 5.5.18

The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think, Time 5.3.18

Which nationalities get rejected the most for US asylum?, CNN 5.3.18

hat It Takes to Get Asylum in the U.S., The New York Times 5.2.18

The Truth Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Caravan, The New York Times (editorial) 5.2.18

Immigration Crackdown Leaves Kansas City Man in Detention Limbo, KCUR 5.2.18

What the law says should happen to asylum seekers at the US border, KMBZ 4.30.18

Sen. Ron Johnson says people walk up to U.S. border, say a few words and are let in, Politifact 4.27.18

ICE Evades Sanctuary Rules by Using NYPD Fingerprints to Find Immigrants and Send Them Call-In Letters, The Intercept 4.26.18

Analysis: Deportations Under ICE 'Cornerstone' Have Plateaued, Newmax 4.26.18

Trump Administration Targeting Immigrants Living in U.S. For Years: Says Research, Little India 4.23.18

Successful Immigration Program to End April 30, Texas Monthly 4.23.18

The migrant caravan's next steps may be an even tougher journey, CNN 4.20.18

Hanover immigrant's run-in with ICE highlights lack of accountability, York Dispatch 4.19.18

Trump’s Strategy to Shrink Immigration Court Backlog May Not Work, Roll Call 4.16.18

New Houston Area Project To Offer Legal Defense For Immigrants Facing Deportation, Houston Public Radio 4.15.18

Immigrant advocates furious over Justice Department move, CBS News 4.13.18

Immigrants in Texas are among the least likely to have a lawyer, most likely to get deported, The Texas Tribune 4.12.18

Justice Department Will Pause A Legal Advice Program For Detained Immigrants, NPR 4.12.18

IRS Loses Billions by Skipping Audits of Biggest Corporations, Report Says , Newsweek 4.11.18

Fewer corporate giants face tax audits, New York Business Journal 4.11.18

Many crimes may look motivated by hate. Proving it can be a different story, NBC News 4.11.18

IRS Loses Billions by Skipping Audits of Biggest Corporations, Report Says, Newsweek 4.10.18

Immigration judges, attorneys worry that Sessions’ quotas will cut into justice in clogged court system , Dallas News (The Dallas Morning News) 4.10.18

IRS auditing only half of giant corporations, Accounting Today 4.9.18

Forcing judges to meet quotas won't reduce immigration court backlogs. It will undermine due process, Los Angeles Times (editorial) 4.9.18

AG Jeff Sessions Returns Deportation Orders to Pre-Obama Levels, Breitbart News 4.6.18

Federal Law Enforcement Chiefs Outline White Collar Priorities Under Trump, The Recorder 4.5.18

The Agencies Key To Trump's Immigration Agenda Keep A Lot Of Secrets , Yahoo!News/Huffington Post 4.4.18

Immigration judge says quota mandate will do more harm than good to an already clogged system, The Texas Tribune 4.4.18

New performance Metrics for Immigration Judges Focus on Higher Volume, Speedier Decisions, The San Diego Union-Tribune 4.4.18

New York Immigrants Have the Nation's Highest Rate of Legal Representation , WNYC 4.4.18

The Agencies Key To Trump’s Immigration Agenda Keep A Lot Of Secrets, Huffington Post 4.3.18

US Immigration Judge Under Pressure, The Global Legal Post 4.3.18

New York Immigrants Have the Nation's Highest Rate of Legal Representation, WNYC 4.3.18

New Quotas for Immigration Judges as Trump Administration Seeks Faster Deportations, The Wall Street Journal 4.2.18

US Justice Department Introduces Quota for Immigration Judges to Clear Cases, Voice of America 4.2.18

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO 4.1.18

Trump administration rolls back policy allowing reprieves from deportation, Public Radio International 3.29.18

IRS criminal referrals plummet to record low, Accounting Today 3.26.18

Hennepin County sets out to fund legal help for immigrants, Star Tribune 3.25.18

Amici Curiae in Adama Heureux Matumona v Jefferson B. Sessions, III, United States Attorney General, United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit 3.21.18

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