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Maria Minniti

Maria Minniti

Bantle Chair in Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

Room: 530
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PhD, New York University (Economics)
MS, Auburn University (Economics)
BA, University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Political Science)

Minniti holds a PhD in Economics from New York University.

She is the Director of the Institute for an Entrepreneurial Society (IES), a research institute housed in the Whitman School of Management. She is also the Louis A. Bantle Chair in Entrepreneurship and Public Policy at Syracuse University.

Her primary research interests include entrepreneurial solutions to social problems, economic growth, and the entanglement between regulations and innovation.

Prior to joining the Whitman School, Minniti was professor and Bobby B. Lyle Chair of Entrepreneurship in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Minniti has previously taught at Babson College, Skidmore College and New York University, and has held visiting positions at the London Business School, the Max Planck Institute, Humboldt University, Aalto University, and the Copenhagen Business School.

Selected Publications
  • "On the importance of “thresholds” in strategic management research", Organizational Research Methods, 2021 (with Arin, P., Murtino, S., Spagnolo, N.)
  • "Trust based banking and SME’s access to credit", Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 2020 (with Kautonen, T., Fredriksson, A.)
  • "Underperformance Duration and Innovative Search: Evidence from the High-Tech Manufacturing Industry", Strategic Management Journal, 40(5), 836-861, 2019 (with Yu, W., Nason, R.)
  • "Boyan Jovanovic: Recipient of the 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research", Small Business Economics, 2019
  • "Enhancing Product Market Access: Minority Entrepreneurship, Status Leveraging, and Preferential Procurement Programs", Small Business Economics, 50(3), 481-498, 2018 (with Shelton, L.)
  • "Late-career transition and quality of life ", Journal of Business Venturing, 32(3), 318-333, 2017 (with Kibler, E., Kautonen, T.)
  • "Managing new technology using malleable profit functions ", IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 64(2), 120-133, 2017 (with Arend, R., Levesque, M.)
  • "UK credit and discouragement during the GFC", Small Business Economics, 2016 (with Cowling, M., Liu, W., Zang, N.)
  • "The foundational contribution to entrepreneurship research of William J. Baumol", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 10(2), 214-228, 2016
  • "Survival and financing of black owned startups in the U.S", Eastern Economic Journal, 2015 (with Gai, Y.)
  • ""Health insurance, job lock, and the supply of self-employment"", Journal of Small Business Management, 2015 (with Gai, Y.)
  • ""Revisiting the determinants of entrepreneurship: A Bayesian approach"", Journal of Management, 2015 (with Arin, K., Huang, V., Nandialath, A., Reich, O.)
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  • "Entrepreneurial Activity and Economic Growth", Global Business & Economic Review, 11(1), 31-42, 1999

Awards and Honors

  • Top 2% Most Impactful Researchers Across All sciences (2020)
  • Faculty Member of the Year Award - EEE (2017)
  • Award for Outstanding Teaching in the MBA Program - Cox School of Business - Southern Methodist University (2009)
  • VdF prize 2007 for best published article - German Institute for Economic Research - DIW Berlin (2007)
  • ACES Distinguished Lectureship - National Science Foundation at Case Western Reserve University (2005)
  • Haniel Kreis Membership - Haniel Foundation at Humboldt Universitæt zu Berlin (2004)
  • Alden Grant for Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education - Alden Trust (2004)
  • Haniel Foundation Research Fellow - Haniel Foundation and Humboldt Universitæt zu Berlin (2003)
  • Ann Higdon Term Chair in Economics - Babson College (1999)
  • Earhart Foundation Doctoral Fellowship - Earhart Foundation (1989)
  • New York University Doctoral Fellowship - New York University (1989)
  • Auburn University PhD Fellowship - Auburn University (1988)