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Alex Thevaranjan

Alex Thevaranjan

Associate Professor of Accounting

Room: 639
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Ph D, University of Minnesota (Accounting)

Research Topics

  • Agency theory
  • Entrepreneurial accounting
  • Incentive schemes
  • Ethics of economics
  • Economic solutions to spam
  • Ethical leadership

Professor Thevaranjan has a special interest in encouraging students to do a side business and to teach them the financial and managerial accounting they need to make decisions related to do their side business. He also emphasizes the importance of ethical decision making. In the past, he also directed the summer internship program in Singapore and taught in the Sejong-Syracuse MBA program in South Korea.

Professor Thevaranjan’s research revolves around agency theory and organizational control. His main contribution has been extending the principal-agent framework to study issues pertaining to morality and moral hazard. Currently, he is researching the interplay between the moral and incentive solutions to the moral hazard problem.

Working Papers
  • "The Effect of Audit Quality on Cash Incentive Compensation. ", , 2013 (with Fernando, G.)
  • "How should firms deal with unprofitable customers? The Impact on Salesforce Compensation.", , 2013 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "Multi-product Interactions and Salesforce Compensation.", , 2013 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "Optimal Mix of Incentive Solutions and Moral Solutions.", , 2013
  • "Targeting and Salesforce Compensation: How to deal with unprofitable customers?", (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "Multi-product Interactions and Salesforce Compensation", (with Banerjee, S.)
Selected Publications
  • "When Sales Spill Over to Unprofitable Customers ", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 17 (1), 81-104, 2019 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "Targeting and Salesforce Compensation: When sales spillover to unprofitable customers", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2018 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "The Impact of Audit Quality on the Components of Executive Cash Compensation. ", Journal of Centrum Cathedra: The Business and Economics Research Journal , 10(1), 49-62, 2017 (with D, F.)
  • "The Role of Non-financial Measures in Controlling Myopic Activities: The Case of Hard-selling. ", International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, 12( 2), 103-130, 2016
  • "The Role of Non-financial Measures in Controlling Undesired Activities: The Case of Hard-selling", International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, 2014 (with Srinivasan, D.)
  • "A moral solution to the moral hazard problem", ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY, 35(1), 125-139, 2010 (with Stevens, D.)
  • "Returns to scale pattern and efficient firm size in the public accounting industry: An empirical investigation", Journal of the Operational Research Society, 60(11), 1495-1501, 2009 (with Chang, H., Galantine, C.)
  • "Investigating pricing solutions to combat spam: Postage stamp and bonded senders", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 22(1), 21-35, 2008 (with Joseph, K.)
  • "An economic analysis of the use of student evaluations: Implications for universities", Managerial and Decision Economics, 24(1), 1-13, 2003 (with Kanagaretnam, K., Mathieu, R.)
  • "The Shielding of CEO Compensation from the Effects of Strategic Expenditures", Contemporary Accounting Research, 19(2), 175-193, 2002 (with Duru, A., Iyengar, R.)
  • "Optimal Monitoring in Salesforce Control Systems", Marketing Letters, 10(2), 161-176, 1999 (with Joseph, K.)
  • "Monitoring and incentives in sales organizations: An agency-theoretic perspective", Marketing Science, 17(2), 107-123, 1998 (with Joseph, K.)
  • "Current production targets and strategic decisions by corporate managers", Journal of Operations Management, 12(3-4), 321-329, 1995 (with Hughes, J.)
  • "The Role of Non-Financial Measures in Controlling Myopic Activities: The Case of Hard-Selling", International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation (with Srinivasan, D.)
  • "Targeting and Salesforce Compensation: When Sales Spill Over To Unprofitable Customers", Quantitative Marketing and Economics (with , B.)
  • "The Value of Trust and Fairness in Alliances: An Economic Perspective",

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Teaching Award - Syracuse University (1993)
  • Heilman Award for Excellence in Teaching - University of Minnesota (1992)