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Susan Long

Susan Long

Associate Professor of Managerial Statistics
Director, TRAC Research Center
Office: TRAC Research Center in Newhouse

Room: TRAC

Ph D, University of Washington

Research Topics

  • Informational technology
  • E-government
  • Data-mining
  • Statistics
  • Measurement
  • Research methodology
  • Data visualization
  • Causal modeling and structural equations
  • Evaluating government performance
  • Freedom of information

She teaches courses in research methods, regression and structural equation models, confirmatory factor analysis, data visualization technologies, database development/design and computer-assisted reporting. She received the school’s Outstanding Faculty Award.

Professor Long’s research interests include measurement and evaluation methods, e-government and information technology, data mining, and data visualization methods appropriate for large transactional data. She has served as an expert witness in litigation on information technologies with respect to public disclosure, and on the use of statistical evidence in evaluating government policy.

Selected Publications
  • "Increased Use of the Freedom of Information Act by the Media: What Took the Media So Long", Villanova Law Review, 63 (with Hammitt, H.)
  • "“Huge Differences in the Number of Persons Sentenced by Individual Judges” ", Federal Sentencing Reporter, 27(5), 303-3011, 2015 (with Burnham, D., Munno, G.)
  • "Tracking Litigation: Record Number of Freedom of Information Act Suits Filed", The IRE Journal(Fall 2014), 15-16, 2015

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Migrants in surge fare worse in immigration court than other groups , The Washington Post 7.30.17

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