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Faculty whose research interests contain: Corporate Governance
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Brandes, Pamela
Associate Professor of Management

(315) 443-3644

Research Topics: employee attitudes and behavior, compensation, corporate governance, executive pay


Liang, Lihong
Assistant Professor of Accounting

(315) 443-3598

Research Topics:

corporate governance, financial analysts forecasts, market anomolies


Okyere, Kofi Appiah
Professor of Accounting Practice

(315) 443-3587

Research Topics: corporate governance, financial reporting, financial statement quality, financial disclosure, West African business


Petrova, Milena
Assistant Professor of Finance

(315) 443-9631

Research Topics:

commercial real estate, commercial real estate pricing, real estate investment trusts, real estate operations, corporate governance, corporate restructuring


Warburton, A. Joseph
Associate Professor of Finance

(315) 443-3648

Research Topics:

financial regulation, banking regulation, hedge funds, mutual funds, corporate governance, automobile industry bail out.


Weinbaum, David
Associate Professor of Finance
Harris Fellow
(315) 443-3476

Research Topics:

investments, drivatives, asset pricing, mutual funds, corporate governance

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