Media Mentions


February 2021
Koppl’s work on expert failure is mentioned in The Times of Israel.


December 2020
“Expert failure: Time to dismantle the ‘public health’ police state, ”Arizona Daily Independent. Koppl cited.

September 2020
“The government and its experts aren’t asking themselves the right questions” The House. Koppl cited.

August 2020
“Months after the CARES Act, communities still await federal homeless aid.” USA Today Lucas cited

August 2020
“Months later, communities still await federal homeless aid.” Cronkite News Lucas Cited

July 2020
“People Are Right to Be Skeptical of Experts. That’s Why We Need More of Them.” Real Clear Policy. Koppl cited

June 2020
“Economic growth models are profoundly inadequate because they ignore niche emergence.” Science X. Koppl cited.

April 2020
“Justice in America Episode 27: Junk Forensic Science.” The Appeal. Koppl cited.


December 2019
Competitive Enterprise Institute, “Best Books of 2019: Expert Failure by Roger Koppl.”

November 2019
“L’economia, come l’ecologia, non solo è circolare, è autocatalitica.” Villaggio Globale. Koppl cited.

August 2019
“How do we improve forensics?” The Washington Post. Koppl comments.

August 2019
“How do we reconcile law and science?” The Washington Post. Koppl comments.

July 2019
“How much should juries rely on expert testimony?” The Washington Post. Koppl comments

June 2019
“We need to fix forensics. But how?” The Washington Post. Koppl comments.

October 2019
“Il populismo ereditato dalla crisi degli esperti,” Il Sole 24 Ore. Koppl cited.


May 2018
Lucas Receives a Grant for Social Policy Research from Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy


February 2017
Minniti Comments on the Positive Effects of Immigration on the Economy. CQ Researcher