Media Contributions


February 2021
Koppl discusses the evolution of technology in Luohan Academy Webinar

February 2021
Rodriguez comments on his research and work in Africa

February 2021
Koppl, R. Explainer on the Robinhood and GameStop events of January 2021.


October 2020
Koppl, R., Lucas, D., Minniti, M., Rodriguez, Z. Entrepreneurship in Time of Crisis

August 2020
Stein, D. The Entrepreneurial Supply of Public Goods

June 2020
Diaz, F. How Local Business Owners Can Use Yelp to Increase Their Profits

June 2020
George, K. How Refugee Entrepreneurs are Changing the Narrative on Refugees in America

May 2020
Koppl, R. Lessons from the Covid pandemic. International webinar.

May 2020
Koppl, R. Mother Nature Isn’t Human Nature.

May 2020
Koppl, R. Monopoly experts can go wrong during a health crisis. The Critic

April 2020
Koppl, R. Pandemics and the Problem of Expert Failure. Parts I, II, III. EconLog.

January 2020
Lucas, D. Counting the Homeless. Searching for Solutions. Real Clear Policy


December 2019
Koppl, R. Value expertise, but fear expert power. Heartland Institute podcast

September 2019
Koppl, R. Expert Failure. The “This is Not a Podcast” Podcast.

June 2019
Koppl, R. Flawed forensics. Heartland Institute podcast.

February 2019
Lucas, D. Putting an End to Homelessness. DS News


February 2018
Koppl, R. The need for criminal-justice reform. PBS “Free to Exchange” (KTTZ) Show

January 2018
Koppl, R. Computation and Complexity Theory. Hayek Center podcast.

January 2018
Koppl, R. Knowledge in Austrian economics. Hayek Center podcast.


September 2017
Minniti, M. Starting a Business Can Improve Older Workers Quality of Life. Harvard Business Review

September 2017
Minniti, M. Starting a Business Can Improve Older Workers Quality of Life. Business Mirror

August 2017
Koppl, R. Evolution Creates, Entrepreneurs Discover. Hayek Center podcast.