Ph.D. Fellowships

IES trains Ph.D. students, engages in relevant scholarship and creates a network of entrepreneurial scholars committed to understanding the entrepreneurial society.

IES Ph.D. Fellowships at Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers a political economy track as part of its well-established Ph.D. program in entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises Department at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management is a top research department in the field. Political economy students are fellows of the Institute for an Entrepreneurial Society (IES). It is the Institute’s mission to produce high-quality research on the political economy of entrepreneurship, to educate future thought leaders in the field and to engage the academic community in explorations of the entrepreneurial society.

IES fellows receive training in entrepreneurship and political economy rooted in the ‘Austrian’ and public choice traditions, as well as Elinor Ostrom works. IES fellows examine the legal, social, and political institutions that foster societal well-being by unleashing human creativity and productivity. Students are encouraged to develop evidence-based policy-relevant research on the causes of innovation, opportunity and economic growth. Thus, a strong interest in research is a fundamental requirement.

Institute fellows receive full-tuition coverage, a stipend for the whole calendar year, i.e. 12 months, plus generous benefits. The package offered by the Institute is highly competitive and compares favorably to those offered by other top business schools. The political economy graduates from Whitman’s entrepreneurship program are on a track to become business professors in research universities and recent graduates have placed at the University of Louisville (USA) and EM-Lyon (France).

The Institute for an Entrepreneurial Society is committed to rigorous academic training and professional success for its graduates. Interested students should directly contact Professor Minniti at