Harrison House

Harrison House


House Master: Professor Alex Kostakis - view profile
Academic Advisor: Elizabeth Ewell - view profile
Career Advisor: Kara Primrose -
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Alex Kostakis, the faculty advisor housemaster of Harrison House, works with students throughout their time at Whitman to ensure that they graduate with the soft-skills the business world demands.

Kara Primrose, the Harrison House career advisor, guides students through their career journey, from application to landing a job. The career advisor offers valuable insight on job markets, placements, internships, resumes and more.

Elizabeth Ewell, house academic advisor, will help students stay on track for graduation as they progress through their Whitman undergraduate experience. 

If you are currently enrolled at Whitman and are a member of the Harrison House you can join the Harrison House Facebook group


1.) Log into your Facebook account or set up a new Facebook account using your @syr.edu email.

2.) Navigate to the Facebook group of the house you would like to join: Harrison 

3.) Click the green “Join Group” button to join your house page.