9WSYRs "Bridge Street" to feature the work of SU-SIFE

On Thursday, Jan. 26, 9WSYRs "Bridge Street" television news program will feature the SU chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SU-SIFE), which is based at the Whitman School. Led by faculty adviser Amanda Nicholson, professor of retail practice at Whitman, the SU-SIFE  group is composed of more than 80 undergraduate students who use their knowledge to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of people in need.

Nicholson is scheduled to appear on Thursdays "Bridge Street" program with SU-SIFE President-elect Camellia Loojune, an accounting major in the Whitman School.

Throughout the year, SU-SIFE works on a multitude of original projects in the community on the premise that a small group of people can impact the world through commitment, hard work and dedication.

Among SU-SIFE s projects is Team Guatemala, helping develop and sell Guatemalan Mayan weavers’ products in the Syracuse University Bookstore, campus, community and by partnering with other schools to expand the markets for the products. To date the group as returned over $85,000 to the weaving groups through three fair trade organizations to help provide the women’s groups with an increased income and scholarships for young women of promise so that they stay through high school and pull their lives out of poverty. And recently, SU-SIFE expanded the program, partnering with Medaille College and with SUNY Oswego on similar efforts at their bookstores.

Another SU-SIFE project in Guatemala is Threads of Hope, which helps establish small thread stores across the hills of the region so that the women can cut down on travel costs to obtain their thread, foster a sense of entrepreneurship, and ease the complexity of the supply chain in the weaving communities.

For more information on SU-SIFE, visit http://susife.org/.