Digital marketing students begin class in NYC

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During the 2012–2013 winter break, 16 Whitman students traveled to NYC to begin “The Digital Marketing Landscape: Planning and Measurement,” a course on the evolving role of digital marketing. Taught by the longtime champion of the course, Lee Goldberg BS ’06, co-founder and president of Vector Media Group, Inc., the five MBA students and 11 seniors participated in an intensive introduction to the use and measurement of bleeding edge digital marketing platforms in support of a marketing campaign.

"The digital marketing class embodies the Whitman spirit of preparing our students not just for today, but for the future as well,” says Goldberg. “We live in a digital world, and students who understand the role of digital media in the marketing mix will be primed to accelerate their careers at an increased rate.”

Students will work independently over the course of the semester to construct a digital marketing plan and demonstrate the types of measures they would expect to report. Several students are starting their own companies or working in digital media internships and will use these organizations for the term project; others will work on a fictitious company created by Goldberg.

“Lee was able to teach us the most up-to-date tools that are being used by the top professionals today,” says Barnett Klane, a senior marketing major in the course. “This was extremely helpful since I could then take these tools and apply them to my own business.”

The course is also made possible by support from Hal (’83 BS) and Nina Fetner, who provided classroom space and other resources.