Whitman real estate students compete in ARGUS Software University Challenge

Three undergraduate Whitman real estate students competed in ARGUS Software University Challenge, results of which were announced on April 26. The team, consisting of students Brandon Duplain, Bryan Lovera and David Okin, and led by Prof. Milena Petrova, analyzed a case study entitled “Urban Regeneration: The Springfield Monorail Redevelopment."

Twenty-one universities worldwide participated in the challenge. The student teams were eligible to win $8,000 (first place), $3,500 (second place) and $2,000 (third place). York University’s team won first place, while the teams of University of San Diego and Florida International University, scored second and third, respectively. NYU and Covenant University got a honorable mention. Other participating schools included Columbia University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Cambridge.

This was the first time a Whitman team participated in this competition and although they did not place among the winners, the challenge provided students the opportunity to participate in a powerful and compelling competition to enhance their knowledge of ARGUS and provide valuable experience to aspiring real estate professionals.