Easton paper accepted for publication in Production and Operations Management journal

A paper titled, “Service Completion Estimates for Cross-trained Workforce Schedules under Uncertain Attendance and Demand,” by Fred Easton, professor of supply chain management and director of the Robert H. Brethen Operations Management Institute, has been accepted for publication in Production and Operations Management (POM), one of the top journals in operations and supply chain management.

In the paper, Easton proposes a “two-stage stochastic program for profit-oriented cross-trained workforce scheduling” and adds that, when comparing the performance of workforce scheduling decisions for hundreds of different hypothetical service environments, “workforce schedules based on convolution estimates are more profitable, favor proportionately more cross-trained workers and fewer specialists, and tend to recommend significantly larger (smaller) staffing levels for services under high (low) contribution margins than schedules based on independent expectations of attendance and demand.”

Easton’s research interests are in labor scheduling, staffing allocation, capacity and demand, management in-service systems in auto manufacturing, and emergency service. In addition to introductory courses in operations and quality management, he teaches advanced courses in spreadsheet management science and service systems management.