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Susan Albring
  • "Disclosure and Liquidity Management: Evidence from Regulation Fair Disclosure", Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics, 16(3), 1-17, 2020 (with Huang, S., Pereira, R., Xu, X.)
  • "Research Initiatives in Accounting Education: Managing Academic Programs", Issues in Accounting Education, 35(4), 61-74, 2020 (with Elder, R.)
  • "Transocean and the History of Tax Inversions", Issues in Accounting Education, 34 (1), 1-12, 2019 (with Elder, R., Franklin, M.)
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Joseph ComprixView All Joseph Comprix's Publications

David HarrisView All David Harris's Publications

Don Harter
  • "Does Software Process Improvement Reduce the Severity of Defects? ALongitudinal Field Study", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 38(4), 810-827, 2012 (with Kemerer, C., Slaughter, S.)
  • "Impact of Budget and Schedule Pressure on Software Development Cycle Time and Effort", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 35(5), 624-637, 2009 (with Nan, N.)
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Willie Reddic
  • "The Effect of External Monitoring on Conservative Financial Reporting in the Property-Casualty Insurance Industry", Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 2022
  • "Under Pressure: Investment Behavior of Insurers under Different Financial and Regulatory Conditions", Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice, 46, 1-20, 2021
  • "Operational Risk Management and Regulatory Investment Constraints on Portfolio Allocation: Evidence from Property and Casualty Insurers", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 57, 20-52, 2020
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Alex Thevaranjan
  • "When Sales Spill Over to Unprofitable Customers ", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 17 (1), 81-104, 2019 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "Targeting and Salesforce Compensation: When sales spillover to unprofitable customers", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2018 (with Banerjee, S.)
  • "The Impact of Audit Quality on the Components of Executive Cash Compensation. ", Journal of Centrum Cathedra: The Business and Economics Research Journal , 10(1), 49-62, 2017 (with D, F.)
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Sebastian TidemanView All Sebastian Tideman's Publications

Padmal Vitharana
  • "Examining End Users’ Ability to Select Business Services: A Conceptual Framework and an Empirical Study", Information & Management, 2020 (with Basu, A.)
  • "Defect propagation at the project-level: results and a post-hoc analysis on inspection efficiency", Empirical Software Engineering, 2017
  • "Enhancing Analysts’ Mental Models for Improving Requirements Elicitation: A Two-Stage Theoretical Framework and Empirical Results", Journal of AIS, 2016 (with Zahedi, M., Jain, H.)
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