Our Entrepreneurship program is a blended learning experience.  Combining classroom time with experiential learning opportunities and real-world business practice, you get the hands-on experiences that are intensive, group-oriented, and interactive – including bi-annual business plan competitions and business simulations.

You’ll be able to pursue the entrepreneurial passion by majoring in our program, or simply gain exposure to entrepreneurial mindset either by enrolling in one of our many courses or a focused entrepreneur minor.


Undergraduate Courses

Discovering the Entrepreneur Within (EEE 110)
Intended for students in the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Living and Learning Community, this course challenges you to recognize, develop, and act upon their potential for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship (EEE370)
A foundation course which examines the nature of entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurship in society.  You’ll investigate the entrepreneurial process in a variety of contexts and explore issues surrounding new venture creation.

Entrepreneurial and Family Business Management (EEE375)
Address the special problems faced by family-owned businesses, including effective governance approaches, preparing heirs for entry into and management of family firms, tax and compensation planning, and succession strategies.

Imagination (EEE378)
You’ll develop innovative solutions to a wide range of problems that arise in the process of pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

Entrepreneurial Marketing (EEE382)
Focusing on customer needs as the driving force of entrepreneurship, you’ll examine the role of marketing in start-up ventures and the role of entrepreneurial thinking in marketing efforts – while exploring novel approaches to defining markets and market segments.

Exploring The Entrepreneurial Journey  (EEE400)
Examine entrepreneurship theory through the discussion of classic and current articles, books, and guest speakers, while entrepreneurship practice is explored through a simulation and novel experiential learning activities.

Corporate Entrepreneurship (EEE420)
Understand how and why existing corporations behave entrepreneurially. In other words, this course examines one of the most central challenges that all firms face today.  An applied course, you’ll take ideas, concepts, tools and frameworks and apply them to a series of real world cases.

Entrepreneurship and Digital Commerce (EEE439)
Examine the evolution of digital technologies, the underlying technologies that are driving the current digital revolution, and innovative application technologies, resources, and services.

Emerging Enterprise Law (EEE442)
Cover the formation, financing, and management of ventures from a legal standpoint, intellectual property, financier-entrepreneur relations, employer-employee relations, and operational aspects of entrepreneurial ventures that have legal implications.

Emerging Enterprise Consulting (EEE443)
Work with existing small business clients to conduct analysis, determine managerial priorities, and provide a series of deliverables that enable the business to operate more efficiently and to grow.

Dilemmas and Debates (EEE444)
Taught exclusively by entrepreneurs, and coordinated by an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, each week one or more entrepreneurs are invited in to lead discussions that impact the practice of entrepreneurship.

Minority and Women's Entrepreneurship (EEE446)
Examine issues, influences, and impacts of race and gender on the entrepreneurial revolution both here in the US and around the world.

Finance for Emerging Enterprises (EEE451)
Focusing on determining the value of a venture, venture financing,  and making deals and buying into businesses, you’ll learn  the financial issues and needs confronting start-up entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs attempting to grow their small businesses.

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management (EEE457)
A required capstone course for all of our students, you will develop an original idea for a new venture and write a supporting, comprehensive business plan. The course examines a variety of topics, issues, and frameworks that are useful to the student in addressing the financial, marketing, economic, operational, legal, and other aspects of new venture creation and entrepreneurial management.

Business Plan Laboratory (EEE458)
Focusing on the development of sound business plans for new businesses or non-profit organizations, this is a special service course intended for non-business students, minors in entrepreneurship, and students writing business plans for new ventures.

D'Aniello Entrepreneurial Internship (EEE470)
The D'Aniello Entrepreneurial Internship Program provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students in the Whitman School through 25 student internship appointments.  You’ll work directly with an entrepreneur, president, or senior executive in a high-growth, innovative company located in the greater-Syracuse metropolitan area

How to Begin

If you have questions or are interested in pursuing the major, the minor, or any of our individual courses, contact Whitman's Undergraduate Advising Office at (315) 443-2361. If you are ready to apply to be a major or minor, visit the Whitman Undergraduate Office, Suite 215 in the Whitman School, and pick up an application.