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Fabian Diaz
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Michael Haynie
  • "Habitual entrepreneurs: Possible cases of entrepreneurship addiction?", Journal of Business Venturing, 2015 (with Spivack, A., McKelvie, A.)
  • "Counterfactual Thinking and Entrepreneurial Self - Efficacy: The Moderating Role of Self - Esteem and Disp ositional Affect", Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 2013 (with Arora, P., Laurence, G.)
  • "What Matters, Matters Differently: A Con joint Analysis of the Decision Policies of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists", Venture Capital, 2013 (with Hsu, D., McKelvie, A., Simmons, S.)
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David Lucas
  • "The political economy of the collaborative innovation bloc", Review of Austrian Economics, 32(4), 331--338, 2019
  • "Evidence-based policy as public entrepreneurship", Public Management Review, 20(11), 1602--1622, 2018
  • "Bounties, grants, and market-making entrepreneurship", The Independent Review, 22(4), 507--528, 2018 (with Fuller, C.)
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Alexander McKelvie
  • "The measurement of effectuation: Highlighting research tensions and opportunities for the future", Small Business Economics, 54, 689-720, 2020 (with Chandler, G., DeTienne, D., Johansson, A.)
  • "Path dependence in new ventures’ capital structures", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2020 (with Söderblom, A., Samuelsson, M.)
  • "Orchestrating boundaries: The effect of R&D boundary permeability on new venture growth", Journal of Business Venturing, 34(1), 63-79, 2019 (with Nason, R., Wiklund, J., Hitt, M., Yu, W.)
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Maria Minniti
  • "Underperformance Duration and Innovative Search: Evidence from the High-Tech Manufacturing Industry", Strategic Management Journal, 40(5), 836-861, 2019 (with Yu, W., Nason, R.)
  • "Boyan Jovanovic: Recipient of the 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research", Small Business Economics, 2019 (with )
  • "Enhancing Product Market Access: Minority Entrepreneurship, Status Leveraging, and Preferential Procurement Programs", Small Business Economics, 50(3), 481-498, 2018 (with Shelton, L.)
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Todd Moss
  • "STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURIAL ORIENTATION: CONFIGURATIONS, PERFORMANCE, AND THE EFFECTS OF INDUSTRY AND TIME", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2018 (with McKenny, A., Short, J., Ketchen, D., Payne, T.)
  • "Funding the story of hybrid ventures: Crowdfunder lending preferences and linguistic hybridity", Journal of Business Venturing, 33, 643-659, 2018 (with Renko, M., Meyskens, M., Block, E.)
  • "A Decade analysis of residential LEED buildings market share in the United States", Sustainable Cities and Society, 39, 568-577, 2018 (with Rakha, T., Shin, D.)
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Almantas Palubinskas
  • "A dynamic model of entrepreneurial opportunity: Integrating Kirzner’s and Mises’s approaches to entrepreneurial action", (with McKelvie, A., Wiklund, J., McMullen, J.)
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Uisung Park
  • "Political Ideology of the Board and CEO Dismissal Following Financial Misconduct", Strategic Management Journal, 41(1), 108-123, 2020 (with Boeker, W., Gomulya, D.)
  • "Signaling Revisited: The Use of Signals in the Market for IPOs", Strategic Management Journal, 27(11), 2362–2377, 2016 (with Borah, A., Kotha, S.)
  • "Korean Air Cargo: Strategic Challenges in an Evolving Environment", Asian Case Research Journal, 19(1), 127-154, 2015 (with Park, N., Lee, J.)
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Johan WiklundView All Johan Wiklund's Publications