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Amber Anand
  • "Market Conditions, Obligations and the Economics of Market Making", Journal of Financial Economics, 121(2), 327-349, 2016 (with Venkataraman, K.)
  • "Make-take structure and market quality: Evidence from the US options markets", Management Science, 62(11), 3271-3290, 2016 (with Hua, J., McCormick, T.)
  • "Institutional trading and stock resiliency: Evidence from the 2007-2009 financial crisis", Journal of Financial Economics, 108(3), 773-797, 2013 (with Irvine, P., Puckett, A., Venkataraman, K.)
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Tom Barkley
  • "Corporate Payout Policy and CEO Compensation Structure", International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, 8(2), 2018 (with Pan, L., Huang, S.)
  • "Permanent Sales Increase and Investment", Journal of Empirical Finance, 34(December 2015), 15-33, 2015 (with Koveos, P., Yang, I.)
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Anna Chernobai
  • "ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION (European Journal of Finance) "How do Banking Analysts behave around Unanticipated News? Evidence from Operational Risk Event Announcements"", European Journal of Finance, 2020 (with Barakat (University of Nottingham), A., Gya (University of Nottingham), H., Amess (University of Nottingham), K.)
  • "ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION (Journal of Monetary Economics) "Business Complexity and Risk Management: Evidence from Operational Risk Events in U.S. Bank Holding Companies"", Journal of Monetary Economics, 117 (January 2021), 2020 (with Ozdagli (Federal Reserve Bank, Boston), A., Wang (UC Berkeley), J.)
  • "Operational IT Failures, IT Value-Destruction, and Board-Level IT Governance Changes", MIS Quarterly, 41(3), 729-762, 2017 (with Benaroch, M.)
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Erasmo Giambona
  • "A View Inside Corporate Risk Management", Management Science, 65(11), 2019 (with Bodnar, G., Graham, J., Harvey, C.)
  • "Real Assets and the Limits of Debt Capacity: Theory and Evidence", Real Estate Economics, 46(4), 2018 (with Mello, A., Riddiough, T.)
  • "The Management of Political Risk", Journal of International Business Studies, 48(4), 2017 (with Graham, J., Harvey, C.)
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Susan Long
  • "Increased Use of the Freedom of Information Act by the Media: What Took the Media So Long", Villanova Law Review, 63(5), 2018 (with Hammitt, H.)
  • "Tracking Litigation: Record Number of Freedom of Information Act Suits Filed", The IRE Journal(Fall 2014), 15-16, 2015
  • "“Huge Differences in the Number of Persons Sentenced by Individual Judges” ", Federal Sentencing Reporter, 27(5), 303-3011, 2015 (with Burnham, D., Munno, G.)
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Milena Petrova
  • "Innovations in Financing: The Case of Anchor Investors in Indian IPOs", European Financial Management, 2020 (with Bhattacharya, A., Chakrabarti, B., Ghosh, C.)
  • "The Impact of Like-kind Exchanges on Investment, Leverage and Liquidity", Journal of Real Estate Literature, 2020 (with Ling, D.)
  • "The Effect of Legal Environment and Regulatory Structure on Performance: Cross-Country Evidence from REITs", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2020 (with Ghosh, C.)
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James Seward
  • "What We Do and Do Not Know about Convertible Bond Financing", Journal of Corporate Finance, 2014
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A. Joseph Warburton
  • "Mutual Funds that Borrow", Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 16(4), 767-806, 2019 (with Simkovic)
  • "Mutual Fund Capital Structure", Marquette Law Review, Vol. 100, Pages 671-756 (86 pages), 2017
  • "The End of Market Discipline? Investor Expectations of Implicit Government Guarantees", , 2014
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David WeinbaumView All David Weinbaum's Publications

Lai Xu
  • "Tail Risk Premia and Return Predictability ", Journal of Financial Economics, 118, 113-134, 2015 (with Bollerslev, T., Todorov, V.)
  • "Stock Return and Cash Flow Predictability: The Role of Volatility Risk", Journal of Econometrics, 187(2), 458-471, 2014 (with Bollerslev, T., Zhou, H.)
  • "Stock Return Predictability and Variance Risk Premia: Statistical Inference and International Evidence", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 49(3), 633-661, 2014 (with Bollerslev, T., Marrone, J., Zhou, H.)
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