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Management Publications

Natarajan Balasubramanian
  • "Locked In? Noncompete Enforceability and the Mobility of High Tech Workers", Journal of Human Resources, 2020 (with Chang, J., Sakakibara, M., Sivadasan, J., Starr, E.)
  • "Human Capital, Parent Size and the Destination Industry of Spinouts ", Strategic Management Journal, 2020 (with Sakakibara, M.)
  • "Enforcing Covenants Not to Compete: The Life-Cycle Impact on New Firms ", Management Science, 64(2), 552-572, 2018 (with Starr, E., Sakakibara, M.)
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Pamela Brandes
  • "I know something you don’t know!: The role of linking pin directors in monitoring and incentive alignment", Strategic Management Journal, 37, 964-981, 2016 (with Dharwadkar, R., Suh, S.)
  • "To thine shareholders be true? Linking large corporate ownership to firms' use of commitment human resource practices", Human Resource Management, 55(567-589), 2016 (with Dharwadkar, R., Mullins, F.)
  • "Owners on both sides of the deal: Mergers and acquisitions and overlapping institutional ownership", Strategic Management Journal, 31, 1114-1135, 2010 (with Goranova, M., Dharwadkar, R.)
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Joel Carnevale
  • "Feeling Obligated Yet Hesitant to Speak Up: Investigating the Curvilinear Relationship between LMX and Employee Promotive Voice", Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 2020 (with Huang, L., Uhl-Bien, M., Harris, S.)
  • "Employee Adjustment and Well-Being in the Era of COVID-19: Implications for Human Resource Management", Journal of Business Research, 2020 (with Hatak, I.)
  • "Self-Centered and Self-Employed: Gender and the Relationship between Narcissism and Self-Employment", Journal of Business Research, 2020 (with Harms, P., Patel, P.)
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Ravi Dharwadkar
  • "The initiation of audit committee interlocks and the contagion of accounting policy choices: Evidence from special items", Review of Accounting Studies, (Forthcoming), 2019 (with Harris, D., Shi, L., Zhou, N.)
  • "The governance transfer of block holders: Evidence from block acquisitions and earnings management around the world", Journal of Corporate Finance, 45, 586-607, 2017 (with Dai, L., Shi, L., Zhang, B.)
  • "I know something you don’t know!: The role of linking pin directors in monitoring and incentive alignment", Strategic Management Journal, 37, 964-981, 2016 (with Brandes, P., Suh, S.)
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Cameron Miller
  • "From litigation to innovation: firms’ ability to litigate and technological diversification through human capital", Strategic Management Journal, 2020 (with Ganco, M., Toh, P.)
  • "Complementors’ engagement in an ecosystem: A study of publishers’ e-book offerings on Amazon Kindle.", Strategic Management Journal, 41(1), 3-26, 2020 (with Wang, R.)
  • "Pawn to save a chariot, or drawbridge into the fort? Firms’ disclosure during standard setting and complementary technologies within ecosystems", Strategic Management Journal, 38(11), 2213-2236, 2017 (with Toh, P.)
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Lynne Vincent
  • "Shifting focus: The influence of affective diversity on team creativity", , 156(24-37), 2020
  • "Creativity in Unethical Behavior Attenuates Condemnation and Breeds Social Contagion When Transgressions Seem to Create Little Harm", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes(139), 106-126, 2017
  • "The promises and pitfalls of creativity", Armed Forces Comptroller, 62(4), 28-31, 2017
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