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Management Publications

Natarajan Balasubramanian

  • "Measuring Value Creation and Appropriation in Firms: Application of the VCA Model", Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming, (Garcia, R., Balasubramanian N. and Lieberman M.)
  • "New Plant Venture Performance Differences Among Incumbent, Diversifying, and Entrepreneurial Firms: The Impact of Industry Learning Intensity", Management Science, 57(3): 549-565, 2011, (Balasubramanian N.)
  • "Learning-by-Doing and Market Structure", Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming
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  • "What Happens When Firms Patent? New Evidence from U.S. Economic Census Data", Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
  • "Industry Learning Environments and the Heterogeneity of Firm Performance", Strategic Management Journal, 31(4): 390-412, 2010, (Balasubramanian N and Lieberman, M.)
  • "Capital Resalability, Productivity Dispersion and Market Structure", Review of Economics and Statistics, 91 (3): 547-557, 2009, (Balasubramanian N and Sivadasan, J.)
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Pamela Brandes

  • "Stock Option Expensing: An Examination of Agency and Institutional Theory Explanations", Journal of Business Research, 59: 595-603, 2006, (with Hadani, M., Goranova, M. )
  • "Organizational Cynicism: A Field Examination Using Global and Local Social Exchange Relationships and Workplace Outcomes ", G. Graen & J. Graen (Eds.), Sharing Network Leadership: Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing , 191-224, 2006, (with Das, D., Hadani, M. )
  • "Managerial Ownership and Corporate Diversification: A Longitudinal View", Strategic Management Journal, 28: 211-225., 2007, (with Goranova, M., Alessandri, T., Dharwadkar, R.)
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  • "Understanding the Rise and Fall of Stock Options Compensation: Taking Principal–Agent Conflicts to the Institutional (Battle)Field", Human Resource Management Review, 15(2): 97-118, 2005, (with Dharwadkar, R., Das, D.)
  • "Institutional Ownership and CEO Compensation: A Longitudinal Examination", Journal of Business Research, 58(8): 1078-1088, 2005, (with Khan, R., Dharwadkar, R.)
  • "Locating Behavioral Cynicism at Work: Construct Issues and Performance Implications", P. Perrewe & D. Ganster (Eds.), Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier, 5: 233-266, 2006, (with Das, D.)
  • "The Importance of Being 'Indian'”: Identity Centrality and Work Outcomes in an Offshored Call Center in India", Human Relations, forthcoming, (with Das, D., Brandes, P. )
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Ravi Dharwadkar

  • " I know something you don’t know!: The role of linking pin directors in monitoring and incentive alignment", Strategic Management Journal, 37: 964-981, 2016, (Brandes, P. and Suh, S.)
  • "To thine shareholders be true?: Linking large corporate ownership to firms’ use of commitment human resource systems", Human Resource Management, 55: 567-589, 2016, (Mullins, F. and Brandes, P.)
  • "Owners on both sides of the deal: Mergers and acquisitions and overlapping institutional ownership", Strategic Management Journal, 31: 1114-1135, 2010, (Goranova, M. & Brandes, P. )
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  • "Institutional Ownership and Monitoring Effectiveness: It’s Not Only What You Own, It’s Also What Else You Own", Organization Science, 2008, (Goranova, M., Brandes, P., Khan, R.)
  • "Managerial Ownership and Corporate Diversification: A Longitudinal Examination", Strategic Management Journal, 28(3): 211-225, 2007, (Goranova, M., Alessandri, T., Brandes, P.)
  • "Japanese Career Progress Over the Long Haul: An Empirical Examination", Journal of International Business Studies, 37(1): 148-161, 2006, (Graen, G., Grewal, R., Wakabayashi, M.)
  • "Effective Stock Option Design: Reconciling Stakeholder, Strategic, and Motivational Factors", Academy of Management Executive, 17(1): 77-93, 2003, (Brandes, P. & Lemesis, G. V.)
  • "The Role of Institutional Environments in Marketing Channels", Journal of Marketing, 66(3): 82-97, 2002, (Grewal, R.)
  • "The Relationship of Internal and External Commitment Foci to Objective Job Performance Measures", Academy of Management Journal, 44(3): 570-579, 2001, (Siders, M. & George, G., )
  • "Privatization in Emerging Economies: An Agency Theory Perspective", Academy of Management Review, 25(3): 650-669, 2000, (George, G. & Brandes, P. )
  • "Organizational Cynicism", Academy of Management Review, , 23(2), 341-352, 1998, (Dean, J. W. & Brandes, P.)
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Will Geoghegan

Catherine Maritan

  • "Building a Bridge Between Resource Accumulation and Resource Acquisition", Journal of Management, 37: 1374 – 1389, 2011, (with Peteraf, M.A.)
  • "Investing in Capabilities: The Dynamics of Resource Allocation", Organization Science, 22: 99-117, 2011, (with Coen, C.)
  • "Investing in Capabilities: Bidding in Strategic Factor Markets with Costly Information", Managerial and Decision Economics, 29: 227-239, 2008, (with Florence, R.E.)
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  • "Capabilities, Real Options and the Resource Allocation Process", Advances in Strategic Management, 24: 307-332, 2007, (with Alessandri, T.M.)
  • "Heterogeneity and Transferring Practices: Implementing Flow Manufacturing in Multiple Plants", Strategic Managment Journal, 24: 945-959, 2003, (with Brush, T.H.)
  • "Capital Investment as Investing in Organizational Capabilities: An Empirically-Grounded Process Model", Academy of Management Journal, 44: 513-531, 2001
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Kira Reed

  • "An Extension of the Configurational Fit Methodology and Support for a Respecification of Mintzberg’s Theory", Journal of Current Issues in Finance, Business and Economics, 1(2/3): 53-67, 2007, (with Doty, D. H., Bushardt, S. C. )
  • "Proposing and Testing an Intellectual Capital-based View of the Firm", Journal of Management Studies, 43 (4): 867-893, 2006, (with Lubatkin, M., Srinivasan, N. )
  • "Responding to a Changing Environment: Adapting Human and Social Capital to Impact Performance", Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2005, (with Srinivasan, N.)
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  • "Work Is Its Own Reward (?): Employee Perceptions About Rewarding Organizational Citizenship Behaviors", Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Review of ‘Good Soldier’ Activity in Organizations, Turnipseed, D. (Ed.), 2004, (with Kidder, D.L.)
  • "Strategic Management and Japanese Non-profits: Can It Work? ", The Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector in Japan: The Challenge of Change, Osborne, S. (Ed.), 2003, (with Nishizutsumi,Y., Handy, F.)
  • "Is the Grass Greener? Sector-Shifting and Choice of Sector by MPA and MBA Graduates", Nonprofit Voluntary Sector Quarterly , 38(6): 1076-1085, 2009, (with Tschirhart, M., Freeman, S., Anker, A.)
  • "A Look at Firm-Regulator Exchanges: Friendly Enough or Too Friendly?", Business and Society Journal, 48(2): 147-178, 2009
  • "Adapting Human and Social Capital to Impact Performance: Some Empirical Findings from the U.S. Personal Banking Sector", Journal of Managerial Issues, forthcoming, (with Srinivasan, N., and Doty, D.H.)
  • "Who Serves? Predicting Placement of Management Graduates on Nonprofit, Government, and Business Boards", Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, forthcoming, (Tschirhart, T., Freeman, S., and Anker, A.)
  • "Human resource involvement in developing intellectual capital", The Service Industries Journal, "forthcoming", (with Stephen T. T. Teo, and Karen Ly)
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