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Natarajan Balasubramanian
  • "Locked In? Noncompete Enforceability and the Mobility of High Tech Workers", Journal of Human Resources, 2020 (with Chang, J., Sakakibara, M., Sivadasan, J., Starr, E.)
  • "Human capital, parent size and the destination industry of spinouts.", Strategic Management Journal, 41(5), 815-840, 2020 (with Sakakibara, M.)
  • "Enforcing Covenants Not to Compete: The Life-Cycle Impact on New Firms ", Management Science, 64(2), 552-572, 2018 (with Starr, E., Sakakibara, M.)
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Pamela Brandes
  • "Time is of the essence!: Retired independent directors' contributions to board effectiveness", Journal of Business Ethics, 2021 (with Dharwadkar, R., Ross, J., Linna, S.)
  • "I know something you don’t know!: The role of linking pin directors in monitoring and incentive alignment", Strategic Management Journal, 37, 964-981, 2016 (with Dharwadkar, R., Suh, S.)
  • "To thine shareholders be true? Linking large corporate ownership to firms' use of commitment human resource practices", Human Resource Management, 55(567-589), 2016 (with Dharwadkar, R., Mullins, F.)
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Joel Carnevale
  • "Laughing with Me or Laughing at Me? The Differential Effects of Leader Humor Expressions on Follower Status and Influence at Work", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2022 (with Huang, L., Yam, K., Wang, L.)
  • "A Mixed Blessing? CEO Moral Cleansing as an Alternative Explanation for Firms’ Reparative Responses Following Misconduct", Journal of Business Ethics, 2022 (with Gangloff, A.)
  • "Greedy for Thee or Greedy for Me? A Contingency Model of Positive and Negative Reactions to Leader Greed", Journal of Business Research, 2021 (with Carson, J., Huang, L.)
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Ravi Dharwadkar
  • "Time is of the essence!: Retired independent directors' contributions to board effectiveness", Journal of Business Ethics, 2021 (with Brandes, P., Ross, J., Linna, S.)
  • "Corporate social irresponsibility and boards: The implications of legal expertise", Journal of Business Research, 125, 143-154, 2021 (with Guo, J., Shi, L., Yang, R.)
  • "Financial reporting choices, governance structures, and strategic assets: A transaction cost perspective", Academy of Management Review, 2021 (with David, P., Duru, A.)
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Cameron Miller
  • "Complementary components and returns from coordination within ecosystems via standard setting", Strategic Management Journal, 2020 (with Toh, P.)
  • "Complementors’ engagement in an ecosystem: A study of publishers’ e-book offerings on Amazon Kindle.", Strategic Management Journal, 41(1), 3-26, 2020 (with Wang, R.)
  • "From litigation to innovation: firms’ ability to litigate and technological diversification through human capital", Strategic Management Journal, 41(13), 2436-2473, 2020 (with Ganco, M., Toh, P.)
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Jamie PerryView All Jamie Perry's Publications

Kira Reed
  • "The Impact of Institutional Context and Gender on Corporate Social Responsibility", Journal of Managerial Issues, 2022 (with )
  • "Human resource involvement in developing intellectual capital", The SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL, 34(15), 1219-1233, 2014 (with Teo, S., , K.)
  • "Adapting Human and Social ", Journal of Managerial Issues, XXI(1), 36-57, 2009 (with Srinivasan, N., Doty, D.)
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Lynne Vincent
  • "Better to Give than to Receive (or Seek) Help? The Interpersonal Dynamics of Maintaining a Reputation for Creativity", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2021 (with Carnevale, J., Huang, L., Farmer, S., Wang, L.)
  • "Shifting focus: The influence of affective diversity on team creativity", , 156(24-37), 2020
  • "Creativity in Unethical Behavior Attenuates Condemnation and Breeds Social Contagion When Transgressions Seem to Create Little Harm", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes(139), 106-126, 2017
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