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Marketing Publications

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Scott Fay
  • "Bidding for Bidders? How the Format for Soliciting Supplier Participation in NYOP Auctions Impacts Channel Profit", Management Science, 63(12), 4324-4344, 2017 (with Zeithammer, R.)
  • "Why Offer Lower Prices to Past Customers? Inducing Favorable Social Price Comparisons to Enhance Customer Retention", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 15(2), 123-163, 2017 (with Lee, S.)
  • "Inferring Salesperson Capability Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis", , 36(3), 294-306, 2016 (with Feng, C.)
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E. Scott Lathrop
  • ""The Relationship Between Price and Quality in Durable Product Categories with Private Label Brands"", Journal of Product and Brand Management, 27(6), 647-660, 2018 (with Boyle, P., Kim, H.)
  • "The Value of Private Label Brands to U.S. Consumers: An Objective and Subjective Assessment", Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 20(1), 80-86, 2013 (with Boyle, P.)
  • "Are Consumers' Perceptions of Price-Quality Relationships Well Calibrated?", International Journal of Consumer Studies, 7(1), 63-68, 2009 (with Boyle, P.)
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Eunkyu Lee
  • "Effect of of Store Brand Introduction on Channel Price Leadership: An Empirical Investigation", Journal of Retailing, 2018
  • "Store Brand Quality and Retailer’s Product Line Design", Journal of Retailing, 93(4), 527-540, 2017
  • "Asymmetric Relationships with Symmetric Suppliers: Strategic Choice of Supply Chain Price Leadership in a Competitive Market", European Journal of Operational Research, 259(2), 527-540, 2017 (with Chung, .)
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S.P. RajView All S.P. Raj's Publications

Breagin Riley
  • "Average Use Information Does Not Stop Consumers from Purchasing Peace of Mind", Villanova Law Review, in press, 2019 (with Taha, A.)
  • "As worlds collide: The role of marketing management in customer-to-customer interactions", Journal of Business Research, 2015
  • "Competitive Selling: Unintended Effects of Salesperson Skepticism toward a more Credible Competing Product", International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 11(3), 222-234 (with Johnson, D., Sato, S.)
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Guiyang XiongView All Guiyang Xiong's Publications