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Marketing Publications

Scott Fay

  • "Implications of Expected Changes in the Seller’s Threshold Price in Name-Your-Own-Price Auctions", Management Science, 20.3 277-293, November 2009, (Juliano Laran)
  • "The Economics of Buyer Uncertainty: Advance Selling vs. Probabilistic Selling", Marketing Science, 29.6, 1040-1057, November/December 2010, (Jinhong Xie)
  • "Probabilistic Goods: A Creative Way of Selling Products and Services", Marketing Science , 27.4, 674-690, July – August 2008, (Jinhong Xie)
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  • "Partial Repeat Bidding in the Name-Your-Own-Price Channel", Marketing Science, 23.3, 407-418, Summer 2004
  • "Timing of Product Allocation: Using Probabilistic Selling to Enhance Inventory Management", Management Science, forthcoming, 2014, (Jinhong Xie)
  • "The Role of Customer Expectations in Name-Your-Own-Price Markets", Journal of Business Research, forthcoming, 2014, (Seung Hwan (Shawn) Lee)
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E. Scott Lathrop

Eunkyu Lee

  • "Social Desirability Bias in Diary Panels Is Evident in Panelists’ Behavioral Frequency", Psychological Reports, 99, 322-334, 2006, (Rex, T., and Hu, M.)
  • "Bridge, Focus, Attack, or Stimulate: Retail Category Management Strategies with a Store Brand", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 3:4, 2005, (Rex, D., and Staelin, R.)
  • "How Complex Do Movie Channel Contracts Need to Be?", Marketing Science, forthcoming, (with Raut, S., Sanjeev, S., and Weinberg, C.B.)
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  • "Internet Channel Entry: A Strategic Analysis of Mixed Channel Structures", Marketing Science, forthcoming, (with Yoo, W.S.)
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Tridib Mazumdar

  • "Counterfactual Decomposition of Movie Star Effects with Star Selection", Management Science, Forthcoming, 2015, (Liu, A. and Li, Bo)
  • "Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP AuctionsThe Chaotic Front End of Innovation", Journal of Retailing, 88 (1), 180-188, 2012, (Joo, M and Raj, S.P.)
  • "Reference Price Research: Review and Propositions", Journal of Marketing, 69 (4), 84-102, October 2005, (Raj, S.P., Sinha, I.)
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  • "Star Power in the Eye of the Beholder: A Study of the Influence of Stars in the Movie Industry", Marketing Letters, 25 (4), 385-396, December, 2014, (with Chakravarty, A., and Liu, Y. )
  • "The Differentiating Effects of Online Word of Mouth and Critics' Reviews on Pre-release Movie Evaluations", Journal of Interactive Marketing, forthcoming, (with Chakravarty, A. and Liu, Y.)
  • "Reference Price Effects", Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impacts, ed. Dominique M. Hanssens, 2009, (with Raj, S.P.)
  • "Components of Optimal Price under Logit Demand", European Journal of Operational Research, 182 (3), 1084-1106, 2007, (Base, A. and Raj, S.P)
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S.P. Raj

  • "The R&D Outsourcing Decision: Environmental Factors and Strategic Considerations", International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 11 (02), 2013, (with J.M. Pattit & D.L. Wilemon)
  • "An institutional theory investigation of U.S. technology development trends since the mid-19th century", Research Policy, 2012, (with Pattit,J.M., Wilemon,D.)
  • "Inaugural Editorial", Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 2011
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  • "Market Orientation when Customers Seem Content with the Status Quo! Observations from Indian Agri-Business and a Case Study", Market Orientated? The Metamorphosis of Food and Agricultural Production and Marketing, 2010, (with Adhikari, A.)
  • "“Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP Auctions", Journal of Retailing, March, 2012, (with M. Joo & T. Mazumdar)
  • "Components of Optimal Price", European Journal of Operational Research, 182 (3), 1084-1106, 2007, (with Basu, A. Mazumdar, T.)
  • "Reference Price Research: Review and Propositions", Journal of Marketing, October 2005, (with Mazumdar, T., Sinha, I.)
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David Wilemon

  • "What Can We Learn from the History of Corporate R&D about Utilizing External Sources of R&D?", , 114, (with Raj, S.P.)
  • "R&D Outsourcing as the Next Frontier: Key Drivers and Firm Level Considerations", , 115, (with Raj, S.P.)