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Karca Aral
  • "Multi-Level Preventive Care for Type 2 Diabetes", IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial Engineers), 5(3), 165-182, 2015 (with Chick, S., Grabosch, A.)
  • "Primary Preventive Care Model for Type 2 Diabetes: Input Calibration with Response Data", , 2014 (with Chick, S., Grabosch, A.)
  • "A Prescription Fraud Detection Model", , 2012 (with Guvenir, H., Sabuncuoglu, I., Akar, A.)
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Patrick Penfield
  • "Sustainability: BNY Mellon’s LEED Certification Journey", Supply Chain Management Review, 2015 (with Britton, C.)
  • "Assessing the Supply Chain Efficiency of Hardwood Sawmills in New York State through Case Study Analysis and DEA Modeling", FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL, 2014 (with Germain, R., Smith, W.)
  • "The Potential Certified Wood Supply Chain Bottleneck and Its Impact on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Construction Projects in New York State", FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL, 60(2), 114-118, 2010 (with Germain, R.)
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Zhengping Wu
  • "The inventory billboard effect on the lead-time decision", International Journal of Production Economics, 170, 45-53, 2015
  • "Price Discount and Capacity Planning under Demand Postponement with Opaque Selling", Decision Support Systems, 76, 24-34, 2015 (with Wu, J.)
  • "The stochastic ordering of mean-preserving transformations and its applications", European Journal of Operational Research, 239(3), 802-809, 2014 (with Zhu, W.)
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