Goodman Leadership Center


The Goodman Leadership Center was established in 2010 through a generous donation from University Trustee and Whitman alumnus Kenneth Goodman. Goodman served as the former President and Chief Operating Officer at Forest Laboratories, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical firm. His leadership qualities demonstrated throughout his illustrious career inform the philosophy and mission of the Goodman Leadership Center at Whitman.


 The Goodman Leadership Center:

  • Provides undergraduates diverse opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills and ethical awareness throughout their educational careers
  • Guides students to more effective and productive early career readiness through a rigorous set of leadership experiences, activities and course work
  • Directs and administers the prestigious Goodman Fellowship Certificate Program, a distinction that leadership students can earn by applying to the program and fulfilling program requirements


What sets the Goodman Center apart is its philosophy and core tenet that leadership can be learned. The Center focuses on a hands-on approach, using situational and role-related techniques and tools to teach and develop leadership skills both inside and outside the classroom. Students practice leadership by interacting with our corporate & community partners, guest speaker executives and program alumni. The Goodman Center’s innovative experience offerings, activities and coursework focus on skill development in the following areas:

  • Career Focus
  • Professional Conduct & Ethics
  • Effective Workplace Communications
  • Successful Team Development
  • How to Supervise and Be Supervised


 Outstanding leadership students can achieve the distinction of being named a Goodman Leadership Fellow by fulfilling a rigorous set of program requirements. Goodman Leadership Fellows earn a Certificate upon graduating from the program. To be accepted into the Fellowship Program, applications must be received by September 3.